Radicals Pursue RCMP Officers

Category:  Historical Reprints
SourceThe Montreal Gazette, Dec. 10, 1980

Radicals Pursue RCMP Officers

TORONTO (UPC) — Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers who received documents allegedly stolen from the headquarters of a now-defunct Toronto radical group will face criminal charges — if the group’s lawyer can discover their identities.

Directors of Praxis Corporation said that they would try to lay private charges of possession of stolen property valued under $200 against several RCMP Security Service officers.

On Dec. 19, 1970, Praxis’ midtown offices were burgled and most of the building destroyed by a blaze of undetermined origin.

Among files taken were study papers on organizing poor peoples’ conferences, minutes of meetings and a reprint of a newspaper article warning of the “socialist threat”.

In February 1977, the RCMP admitted it had received documents stolen in the break-in and that some of them had been destroyed.

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