De Gaulle Pursues His Communist Objectives In Quebec

Category:  Historical Reprints
SourceOn Target, 4 August 1967.


De Gaulle Pursues His Communist Objectives In Quebec

President de Gaulle launched a Canadian tour last night with praise for the French-Canadian separatists and a tacit offer of French help for their cause.  The Age  July 25.

Commentators have depicted De Gaulle’s actions and speeches in Canada as a blunder.  Such is not the case; they are perfectly in line with his long-term policies of aiding the Communist conspiracy at least since the Second World War.  It would be infantile to believe that de Gaulle was not aware of the real forces behind the separatist movement in Canada.  Or that he is unaware of the extent of the penetration of the Canadian Government by pro-Communist nominees.  Reprinted in the August edition of Intelligence Survey  (along with Mr. Gostick’s article on Race Revolution) is a far ranging survey of the Canadian scene.

The activities of the Biculturalism Commission appointed by Prime Minister Pearson in 1965, have been to activate differences between the French and English speaking Canadians.  Members of the Commission have long records of pro-Communist activity.  The present Minister for Justice appointed by Pearson is a staunch Castro supporter.  He is Mr. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who in 1960 was apprehended by the American Coast Guard off the coast of Key, West Florida, when he was trying to paddle a canoe to Cuba.  That he was not there just for the fishing can be judged on his view of justice today.

“Justice should be regarded more and more as a department planning for the society of tomorrow.”

This is the Marxist concept of utilising every instrument to promote the Communist society.

President de Gaulle knew what sort of waters he would be fishing in when he went to Canada.

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