French Presidential Elections

Category:  Historical Reprints
Source:  “French Presidential Elections”, On Target, 17 December 1965.


French Presidential Elections

The reported possible defeat of General De Gaulle for the French Presidency by Mr. Mitterand the Socialist candidate with Communist support could confirm a view long held by the more acute observers of the French scene.  On the surface it may appear that De Gau1le, the nationalist and conservative is being challenged by the Communists.  This is far from the truth.  The record of De Gaulle is one of continually preparing the ground for the Communist advance.  To this end he destroyed the French Army and betrayed the French settlers in Algeria to the Communist Ben Balla, he recognised Red China and favours negotiations in Vietnam.  In deposing him the Communists are facing realities.  De Gaulle is close to being finished.  Like other European leaders who have been useful to the Communists it is now time for him to be replaced.  France could easily become a second Czechoslovakia within the next few months.

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