The Saigon Offensive And Psychological Warfare

Category:  Historical Reprints
Source:  “The Saigon Offensive And Psychological Warfare”, On Target, 17 May 1968.


The Saigon Offensive And Psychological Warfare

“Any idea that North Vietnam intends to be conciliatory at the Paris peace talks vanished last week in the rubble, the pain and the misery of Saigon”.  Carry Barker in the Brisbane Sunday Mail, May 12.

It is obvious from the reports coming through on the present fighting in Saigon streets that the Communists have no real ability to gain control of the city.  Their purpose in making war on helpless and unarmed civilians, is to exploit the world press headlines to gain a psychological advantage at the Paris “peace” talks.  The more President Johnson’s decision of March 31st is considered, the more obvious it becomes that he has been forced to deliver the fruits of the policy on which he was elected in 1964 in opposition to Senator Barry Goldwater.  Goldwater had promised to win the war in Vietnam without compromise or promises of conciliation towards the Communists.  Johnson on the other hand talked of “peace with honour” and his willingness to go to the conference table wherever the Communists were ready.

After four years of warfare fought within the policy rules of the Communist conspiracy operating in the West so that anti-western propaganda could be maintained, we are now to suffer the final humility in the capital city of De Gaulle’s France.  A fitting venue from the Communists viewpoint.  Having defeated French resistance in North Vietnam by political victory in Paris, the Communists now see the consummation of that victory against the rest of the western world taking place at the conference table in the same city.

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