Praxis Exposed!  Your Money, Their Revolution

Category: Historical Reprints.
Source: Straight Talk! The Official Bulletin Of The Edmund Burke Society.
Editor: F. Paul Fromm
Associate Editor: Jeff Goodall
Volume III Number 5, January-February 1971
The Edmund Burke Society is a conservative organization unaffiliated with any political party. We are dedicated to the principles of individual freedom and responsibility, free enterprise and firm ACTION against all tyrannies, especially Communism and all its manifestations in Canada and abroad.

The E.B.S. is financed mainly through small donations from generous Canadians. Straight Talk! is produced by voluntary labour.

[Ed. NSIM:] The graphic title is from the front cover of this edition of Straight Talk!.

Paul Fromm’s Introduction to “Praxis Exposed” (from page 2)


This month STRAIGHT TALK! is proud to publish a work that has taken three months to research.  Jaanus Proos wrote it; but, a dozen E.B.S. members were involved in gathering the information.  Further exposes on related topics will follow.  The article I refer to is PRAXIS EXPOSED (page 9).  This article analyzes the men in the $200.00 suits and how they work.  It discusses pressure from the academic elite and the government at the top and pressure from the bums at the bottom to soak the productive middle and working class.  The name of the game is power.  The method tax-payer subsidized revolution and agitation.  Our name for it — treason!  Treason to the ideals of hard work, individual responsibility, and economic freedom that characterize our Western Civilization.

Yes, I said that this article would cheer you up.  I meant it in a grim and ironic sense.  As we go to press, you will be pleased to know that Health Minister, John Munro, has given away $104,000.00 of YOUR money to the Hamilton Welfare Rights Organization.  This group has occupied a section of the Hamilton Welfare office and set up a “counselling table.”  Seemingly members of this group and affiliated drones have harassed welfare officials; tossed a knife at one woman official; broken doors, windows, and chairs at the welfare office; and fired a bullet through the office window.  An official of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 167, has demanded a city policeman to protect the welfare workers from the militant parasites.  And guess who is spokesperson for the Hamilton Welfare Rights Organization?  William Freaman, “a social worker and McMaster University graduate student, who ran unsuccessfully on the N.D.P. municipal slate last December.”  (TELEGRAM, p. 6, February 4, 1971).  Once again we see it:  pressure from the academic and political people-planners to [incite] the rabble to further despoil the working backbone of this country.  But, smile bravely as you fill out your income tax form.  The people planners, the parasites, and the academics need you:  YOU’RE THEIR MEAL TICKET!

— F. Paul Fromm


Praxis Exposed!  Your Money, Their Revolution

by Jaanus Proos


Praxis Exposed! Your Money, Their Revolution

Praxis Exposed! Your Money, Their Revolution

This article is presented to enable the reader to effectively comprehend an important aspect of the socialist threat to the values of individual freedom and responsibility, to the very values which have created, in Canada, one of history’s best examples of political freedom combined with general national economic affluence.  The primary prerequisite for any understanding of this threat is the realization that it does not come from the easily identifiable rabble in the streets exclusively, with their sitting-in at the university or manpower office, or throwing paint at the US Consulate.  They would constitute a negligible threat, were it not for their access to public funds and to persons with political power.  Their infantile romanticism blinds them to the fact that the basically conservative Canadian public will not respond to slogans berating American imperialism and capitalist exploitation; the “wise socialist”, on the other hand, knows that the public can be duped, by means of the indirect Fabian approach, into supporting socialist programs under the guise of fighting social injustice.

At this point, let us consider the men in the two hundred dollar suits who bankroll, propagandize, and manipulate the rabble in the streets in the interests of their Utopian socialist pipe-dreams and personal aspirations for power and influence.  They seldom label themselves socialists; they are never found wearing a red armband, throwing themselves against a line of police, inhabiting Rochdale’s l4th floor commune, or even speaking out of order at a public forum.  They are more likely to cluster around the university faculty club, and to find their natural habitat in Rosedale or Forest Hill.  Their first concern is to maintain a low profile of visibility in their behind-the-scenes activity.  They squirm and bleat the loudest when exposed, as we saw in the childish hysteria displayed by some of the executive officers of the Praxis Corporation toward Peter Worthington for his TELEGRAM articles exposing Praxis to non-readers of STRAIGHT TALK! (November 25th and 26th, 1970).

The tactic followed, in short, is the classic one embodying the pincer effect of pressure from the top manipulating pressure from below, to wipe out the productive middle, by means of economic and political strangulation.

This strategy was used most successfully in imposing Communist totalitarian rule in Czecho-Slovakia, and has been graphically described by Communist theoretician Jan Kozak in his book, AND NOT A SHOT IS FIRED.

Why this conspiracy against the middle class?  Why this effort to render it economically and politically impotent?  Primarily because the free man is not amenable to state planning.  The agents of this pressure from the top in the Toronto area are mainly organized in the Praxis Corporation.  Herein follows a systematic examination of the structure, personalities, financing, theories and purposes behind Praxis, complete with an analysis of how only the socialist politicians on the federal level, and to a lesser extent, on the municipal level, stand to gain.  The small independent entrepreneur, the backbone of the economic freedom manifested in a free enterprise economy, without which political freedom becomes extremely problematical, would, on the other hand, be very much on the losing end.

What Is Praxis?

Praxis is a private corporation, founded in 1968 by a like-minded crew of about a dozen leftist academics roosting on the faculties of the Universities of York and Toronto.  Praxis’ books concerning its governing structure are open to the inspection of the public at the Office of the Provincial Secretary.  By means of incorporation, Praxis achieves the status of a non-profit charity, enabling it to receive tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations, as well as government grants.  Praxis refers to itself rather high-mindedly as a “Research Institute for Social Change”.  A nervous voice on its telephone line stuttered to this reporter that the word Praxis is an Aristotelian term denoting the combination of theory and practice.  Now installed in Room 209 at Rochdale College, Praxis used to be housed in a house at 373 Huron St., about half a block south of Rochdale.  The house used to be owned by the Anglican Church, which turned it over, rent free, to Praxis.  However, when the house was acquired by the U. of T., Praxis claimed to be paying a rent of $100.00 a month, which means that the rent of the building was partly subsidized by the taxpayer (you cannot rent a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto for under $125.00, let alone a whole house).  Until recently, the building was shared by the tear-jerking parasites of the Just Society, which now operates out of 392 St. George St. and 931 College Street.  The building was still being shared, however, by the Women’s Liberation Movement, the SSSOC (Stop Spadina, Save Our City Coordinating Committee — if you can stomach that sanctimonious title) and the Metro Tenants Association, the vast majority of whose members do NOT LIVE IN REGENTS PARK OR MOSS PARK or any other subsidized housing project, but who live in $250.00-a-month swinger apartments which you or I couldn’t afford. 1

On December 18th last, a fire destroyed 575 Huron St., beyond repair.  Not too surprisingly, a group such as Praxis, which was so politically unsophisticated as to keep all their files in one place making them vulnerable to destruction in a single fire, reacted in an unsophisticated manner.  At a press conference, a Praxis spokesman childishly flailed away at the atmosphere of “hate” generated by Peter Worthington’s articles in the TELEGRAM which, he said, might “possibly” have encouraged “some East European rightist group” to start the fire, which is the gutless liberal’s way of saying, “them Burkers done it”, just short of being hauled into court to prove it.  Ironic, is it not, that the fire should so upset these fellows, who spend considerable energy defending the inalienable right of every revolutionary to burn, loot, and steal to his underprivileged, oppressed, and frustrated heart’s content?

Who Is Behind Praxis?

An incomplete, though thoroughly researched list of the original founding members of Praxis includes the illustrious names of Professor Stephen Clarkson, U. of T., Professor Howard Adelman, York University, Prof. Charles Hanly, U. of T., Jane Jacobs, American import and self-styled expert on the Spadina Expressway, Prof. Meyer Brownstone, U. of T., Prof. Peter Russell 1, U. of T., (presently in Uganda), Prof. Ian Burton, U. of T., Prof. F. Griffiths, U. of T., Robert Wright, of the law firm of Lang, Michener, Cranston, Farquharson & Wright, Colin Vaughan, of the architectural firm of Robbie, Vaughan & Williams, and George Montague, an investment banker (i.e., international banker) working out of that “symbol of wealth and power” (Cf. leaflet for the “National Day of Protest”, January 25th last), the Toronto Dominion Centre.

Now, it takes an I.Q. of five to discern a remarkably consistent characteristic among these socially-conscious “beautiful people”, supposedly fighting for worker control, for community control, and for “poor people power”:  not one is a worker; not one resides in a low income neighbourhood; not one sends his children to a slum school; and not one draws anything less than a five-figure salary, and, in most cases (from the number of professors of political economy involved) they are on the receiving end of the taxpayers’ money, brainwashing impressionable students with their leftist bias, while contributing nothing of a productive nature to the economy.

Some of these founding members have since drifted toward the periphery of Praxis, while a more militant hard core has emerged.  Another familiar leftist pattern is evident in the extensive overlapping membership of Praxis, the Woodsworth Foundation, Stop Spadina, the Just Society, the Toronto Women’s Caucus, and the Metro Tenants’ Association.  However, the familiar pattern persists:  that of an exclusively upper-class membership, usually in unproductive tax-subsidized jobs, as Praxis attracts university professors, CBC employees, social workers, sociologists, as well as a very small percentage of businessmen.  An expose of some of the leading lights in Praxis is nevertheless in order:

HOWARD BUCHBINDER:  321 Lonsdale Ave.  This recent import from the US has been employed by Praxis almost from the start, to apply his knowledge of the American experience to the Canadian situation (so much for the clamor for “Canadian content” on the local left!).  He played perhaps the major role in turning the Metro Social Planning Council into the Socialist Planning Council.  This advisory body was emasculated and taken over by Praxis by the simple device of taking out mass memberships just before the elections, and then stacking the election meeting.  As a result, the Social Planning Council’s 35-member Executive has become totally radicalized and infested with a Who’s Who of Praxis.  Buchbinder is now on the payroll as Executive Secretary.  Since the Council is subsidized by the United Appeal, Buchbinder finds himself in the familiar position of leeching off the public dollar.

Shortly after arriving in Canada, Buchbinder was on the receiving end of a $47,000.00 grant from the DAILY STAR to study the poor and oppressed.  Now, if the Star management really wants to study oppression, all it needs to do is to step outside its own front door and talk to the three picketers (limited to three by a nasty, oppressive court injunction) from the International Typographical Union, who were thrown out of work back in 1964, when the STAR reneged on all the points it had previously agreed to in collective bargaining negotiations and brought in US scabs.  Apparently the STAR can afford to throw away $47,000.00 to Buchbinder, as well as the flashy new high-rise at 1 Yonge St., but cannot bring itself to bargain in good faith with its unionized employees.

The STAR can always be counted upon, nevertheless, to champion the cause of labor in its pages, and to give front page prominence to the latest blackmail threat emanating from the mouth of some overpaid sponge on the National Council on Welfare, comfortably installed in its plush, tax-subsidized office in Ottawa’s Brooke Claxton Building, to the effect that the poor will surely revolt if the taxpayer doesn’t cough up more goodies for them.

Only the gullibility and myopia of the public permits the STAR to get away with it.  Buchbinder has found a further tap on the public purse through his employment as an “outside consultant” to John Munro’s Department of National Health and Welfare.  Further, Buchbinder has received $4,000.00 to evaluate the spending of Federal funds on Digger House, a half-way house for Toronto’s hippie parasites on Hazleton Avenue.  By the merest coincidence (?) Buchbinder is listed as an advisor to Digger House.

According to Peter Worthington, Buchbinder receives $7,500.00 from McMaster University in Hamilton as a part-time lecturer.  Since a full-time lecturer rarely lectures over six hours a week, one is left wondering what a part-time lecturer does.  As a consultant to the Federal Government, Buchbinder makes his services available for the modest fee of $200.00 a day.  Nevertheless, we are supposed to believe that Buchbinder has forsaken the US, moved into the heart of the exclusive, upper crust district of Forest Hill out of a feeling for the “powerlessness and frustration experienced by people who attempt to have some control over the content of their lives” (Cf. Praxis letter to the TELEGRAM, December 1970).  Certainly, Buchbinder has come a long way in overcoming his own feeling of powerlessness, largely at the expense of your tax dollar.

FERRY (alias GERRY) HUNNIUS, 27 McMaster Avenue:  According to the Stockholm Estonian-language paper, EESTI PAEVALEHT (December 11, 1970), Ferry Hunnius (born in Tallinn in 1925) is the spoiled son of a rich German-Estonian landowner.  An uncle of his apparently died in a Siberian slave labour camp.  Hunnius first made a name for himself as program director and Soviet Affairs Specialist for the Asian Studies Group at Montreal’s Sir George Williams University, which is linked to the notorious Institute of Pacific Relations.

IPR has been thoroughly unmasked by the US Internal Security Subcommittee as the Red-dominated organization responsible for the sabotaging of US foreign policy against CHIANG Kai-shek and facilitating the Maoist takeover of mainland China.  Subsequently, the IPR, with Owen Lattimore and company migrated, at your expense, to the University of British Columbia.

Hunnius’ activity continued within “pacifist” movements of the “ban the bomb” sort (ours, not the Soviets’, of course) culminating in his attendance in Moscow in 1962, in his capacity as National Secretary of the Canadian Committee for Nuclear Disarmament, at the World Congress for General Disarmament and Peace, sponsored by the Red front, the World Peace Council.  He was concurrently editor of the radical rag, OUR GENERATION, and working with the War Resisters International, operating out of 3934 rue St. Urbain in Montréal, run by veteran Red, Danny Daniels.

In 1963 Hunnius was involved in the Canadian Peace Research Institute (yes, we know Trudeau and Pelletier were on its Executive!).  In 1968, Hunnius helped to organize a world “pacifist” conference in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, and in the same year was employed as a consultant for the Company of Young Canadians in British Columbia.  In 1969, he was involved with the Rochdale Play School (what else?).

Hunnius‘ ideal of decentralized worker-control of industry is Yugoslavia, from whence he has recently returned, presumably to apply the Yugoslav model to Canada2

(Every year Red dictator Tito turns loose 100,000 people throughout Western Europe to find the employment he cannot provide them at home, with their families carefully kept behind in Yugoslavia as hostages.)  Again we are supposed to believe that Ferry Hunnius’ sole concern is with bettering the lot of the poor people of Toronto.

Stephen Clarkson

Listed as Executive President of Praxis is U. of T. Political Science professor Stephen Clarkson, former Liberal Party candidate for Mayor of Toronto.  Like the innumerable Fabian socialists who have taken over the federal Liberals, Clarkson realizes that he can effect social change, not by honestly joining the New Democratic Party, but by adopting the much more respectable Liberal Party label.  Clarkson has attempted, therefore, to keep his presidency of Praxis out of public view.  His most recent contribution to rational democratic decision-making was the threat that there would be violence if the Spadina Expressway was built.  One finds it hard to conceive of the good professor leaving his Powell Ave. home, tucked away among the $100,000.00 mansions in the bottom of Rosedale, to toss his carcass in front of a bulldozer, though he probably wouldn’t mind being the spokesman, after some suckers like his brainwashed students tried it.  From this power-hungry political incompetent who spent $15,000.00 of his own money in the last mayoralty contest attempting to portray himself as the candidate of the “beautiful people” of young Toronto, there has metamorphosed, apparently, an advocate of “poor people power”.  Now, if Clarkson was really interested in helping the poor, he could have passed out that $15,000.00 in front of the Unemployment Office at Jarvis and Dundas Sts., or he could try serving soup for the Salvation Army or the Scott Mission.  However, the motto of the Scott Mission is “Feed the Poor and Preach the Gospel”, and that just wouldn’t do, not when the cause of poverty is capitalistic.

Listed as the Treasurer of Praxis is U. of T. Political Economy Professor, Abraham Rotstein (102 Admiral Rd.) (1 Highland Ave., Rosedale).  A short word is in order re Mr. Adelman, whose major concern recently has been “student” housing, if one may thus describe Rochdale College, that 18-storey combination pig pen and play pen for “flower children”, drug freaks and assorted revolutionaries.  Rochdale would be nothing more than part of a drug-sodden hippie’s psychotic fantasy, had it not been for men like Adelman, together with the federal politicians behind the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, who, in the midst of an acute housing shortage, saw to the financing of 90% of the cost of Rochdale from the taxpayer’s dollar.

This year’s acting President of Praxis is U. of T. Professor Meyer Brownstone, 57 Poplar Plains Road.  Having been Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs from 1960 to 1964 in the socialist Cooperative Commonwealth Federation [CCF] cabinet of T.C. Douglas in Saskatchewan, Mr. Brownstone should know all about poverty and unemployment and the abject failure of socialism.  In 1960, in the midst of a wheat boom, Saskatchewan had a staggering 30,000 urban workers unemployed.  When free enterprise was restored to Saskatchewan through the defeat of the CCF at the polls in 1964, the exodus of unemployed socialist politicians [and] civil servants hitting the road for Ottawa was on.  Led by Alvin Johnson, now one of the most powerful men in Canada, dozens of these socialists found a new home in top-level positions in the federal bureaucracy, under the auspices of the federal Liberal Party.  Brownstone, however, could do no better than a cushy berth on the public payroll with the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism.  Among his other notable achievements is a recent term of service on behalf of the pro-Red régime of Dictator Julius Nyerere of Tanzania.

How Your Tax Dollar Bankrolls Praxis

The backbone of the Praxis budget is a $68,000.00 grant from the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, in Ottawa.  With this handout, Praxis has been commissioned to do an 18-month study of the organization and structure of lower income groups seeking social change; in other words, $68,000.00 to study the Just Society, “Welfare Rights”, and the other groups which shared the same address with Praxis before the fire of December 18th.  Of this amount, $30,000.00 is to go to two or three researchers, $15,000.00 to a research assistant, and $8,500.00 to a secretary, to concoct a totally predictable doctrinaire socialist manifesto lamenting “the lack of control over our lives”, a manifesto which could just as well be written now.  By thus leeching off the public dollar, and having no one to answer to regarding the quality of their propaganda, the gentlemen of Praxis have a distinct built-in advantage over the productive worker, who must put in a 40-hour week, while they are available at any hour of the day to petition City Hall, lead a protest delegation, write a brief, seek funds, make contacts in the mass media, etc.

It was also a federal initiative, this time engineered through the National Council on Welfare (12 handpicked stooges, led by Reuben Baetz), constituted as an “advisory body” to the federal Department of National Health & Welfare, which set up and financed the farce known as the Poor People’s Conference, held at Toronto’s expensive Lord Simcoe Hotel from January 6th to 8th.  To get 102 groups to send representatives, Praxis was hired as organizer, at a fee of $5,000.00 (that’s $50.00 in postage stamps for each group); $6,000.00 was spent on two organizational meetings, and $51,000.00 on the conference itself.  Again public funds poured in, to the tune of $10,000.00 from the CMHC, $5,000.00 from the Citizenship Branch of the Office of the Secretary of State, and $2,000.00 from the Indian Affairs Branch. Naturally, the so-called “poor people” wanted jobs, not handouts (but they will continue to take the handouts just the same).

Ironically, the conference produced much talk about human dignity; yet, totally devoid of any dignity is the man who will go around proclaiming himself “poor people”, and who will permit himself to be used as a puppet to serve the self-centered ends of his manipulators:  opportunist socialist politicians seeking greater bureaucracy (hence more personal power), welfare bosses seeking a larger welfare empire (hence more personal power), and political science professors, fuzzy-minded, effete intellectual snobs of no redeemable economic value, seeking a guiding role in the vanguard of the rising oppressed masses (hence more personal power).

A certain degree of sincerity in their dedication to underdoggery makes them all the more dangerous.  As for the conference itself, EBS members, associates and allies attended almost all the seminars and general sessions.  Since the conference was transparently staged mainly to serve as a catalyst rallying point for organized nationwide radicalism, in our next issue we shall take a good hard look at the sinister network of groups which has emerged from it, as well as their anti-civic activity.

Space limitations do not permit us, in this present article, to launch upon a serious discussion of a rational, realistic theory of social welfare and the forms it might take.  Suffice it to say that, if this nation is to reverse the drift toward socialist authoritarianism, the basic, guiding principle of a national public assistance program, with regard to those physically and mentally capable of working, should be that of its own abolition, by reason of the need for its existence having been removed.  Today, alas, welfare is becoming nothing more than a political football, for buying votes at election time.

The poorest of our poor still live more expansively than the sable aristocracy of Uganda.  It is still virtually impossible to get a taxicab in Toronto’s Cabbagetown on the day the welfare cheques arrive — they are all lined up outside the liquor stores at Queen and River Sts., and at Gerrard and Ontario Streets.

The theory which Praxis is financed to propagate is that poverty in Canada is the fault of the social structure, not of the individual.  No revolution is possible if the individual is taught that he is responsible for himself.  Only when he has been indoctrinated to believe that government owes him a living, will he be able to shift the blame and strike out at the social structure, when he lacks instant gratification of his desires.  Welfare in turn, compounds the malaise by destroying the initiative of the recipient to seek work, as well as undermining the initiative of the producer who must pay exorbitant taxes to prop up the welfare system.  The day the unproductive outnumber the producers is fast approaching, as a result of the abject failure of the socialist economics practiced by Canada and the United States.

Praxis’ constant message to the public is “give all power to the government, and then we shall have people power and participatory democracy”.

A world littered with the débris of socialist failures seems to make no impression on these idealists. We in the EBS maintain that being on one’s knees before the government is not the posture of a free man. The day when poverty will be unequivocally the fault of a socialist state, and not the individual, is approaching far too rapidly to justify the silence and acquiescence of any of us.

* * * * *

– 30 –

NSIM Editor’s Notes

1  Professor Peter Russell was the first to rubber-stamp — well, the first after Mrs. Windsor, anyway — Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Marxist constitution which he imposed on Canada in 1982 disguised as “patriation”.*  In a surprisingly candid reflection in his article “Constitutional Reform of the Canadian Judiciary” in the Alberta Law Review of 1969 (7 Alta. L. Rev. 103 (1969), Professor Peter Russell declares the very obvious basis on which that coup was pulled off:

“The opening phrase of the American Constitution, “We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union …” provides the main clue to the basic difference between the status and role of the written constitution in our two countries.  Granted there is an element of political mythology in those initial words of the U.S. Constitution, but still it is a mythology WITH VERY REAL ROOTS in the AMERICAN POLITICAL CULTURE.  For certainly the United States’ Constitution is much more a product and a possession of the POPULAR political conscience of that country than is the B.N.A. Act, with its colonial origins and Imperial trappings, of ours.  In practical terms this means that in Canada THERE IS AN INSUFFICIENT COMMON UNDERSTANDING — at the political level — of the CONTENT and PURPOSE of the important provisions of the Constitution, with the RESULT that ALMOST ANYTHING GOES BECAUSE FEW PEOPLE KNOW.”

— Emphases added by NSIM.

The “few who know” are obviously the Socialists, like Russell himself, who have taken full advantage of our apparently well known ignorance to cuckold us with a Marxist-Leninist overthrow of Confederation.  (See the next footnotes.)

* Russell’s rubber-stamp is here:  The Court and the Constitution, Comments on the Supreme Court Reference on Constitutional Amendment, By Peter Russell, Robert Décary, William Lederman, Noel Lyon, Dan Soberman, Institute of Governmental Relations, Queen’s University, Kingston, 1982, ISBN 0-88911-034-4 (paper); ISBN 0-88911-035-2 (cloth).  Nota Bene, my copy of this document is a PDF provided to me by Queens via email.  As to the Marxist constitution we were given in 1982, my research indicates that the 1982 “Charter” is based on a decree of Stalin and Lenin at the time of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

2 Right you are, Jaanus Proos!  Alan Stang, in his April 1971 article in American Opinion entitled “CANADA How The Communists Took Control“, sums up Praxis:

“In other words, Praxis is what the Communists call an “agit-prop” outfit (agitation and propaganda), egging people on to Marxist revolution.”

In the same article, Stang highlights a typical Hunnius-Praxis initiative:

“For instance, in March, 1970, Praxis had run another conference, on “industrial democracy,” at which Gerry Hunnius, who runs Praxis, said workers should “control the means and processes of production.”  What that means, said Hunnius, is this:  “It should be obvious that a fully operational system of workers’ self-management cannot operate within a Capitalist system ….”

No, it cannot.  More importantly:  if you give the factories to the workers, you thus eliminate free enterprise; and if you have given the government to Big Business and their sponsors the international bankers, you have the ultimate cartel, with zero competition.  Therefore, socialism is an elite tool to corner all the markets.

Stang then underscores:

“In October, 1970, Praxis had run still another Conference — this one on “Workers’ Control and Community Control” — at which a demand was made to destroy Capitalism by revolution.  Capitalism would be replaced by “radical Socialism.”  Confrontation is obsolete, the conferees were told.  What they should do now is “infiltrate,” and, like “microbes,” destroy Canada from within.”

The same Professor Russell, still with the University of Toronto in 1999, co-authored an “academic” article advocating that

“If the sovereigntists [they’re Communists] win another referendum in Quebec, the terms of Quebec’s accession to sovereignty should be negotiated and ratified under the existing rules for amending the Canadian Constitution  […].”

— Abstract, Bruce Ryder (Osgoode) and Peter Russell (U. of T.), “Ratifying a Post-Referendum Agreement on Quebec Sovereignty” in The Referendum PapersEssays on Secession and National Unity, David Cameron ed., Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 1999. Available at SSRN:

That so-called “Canadian Constitution” would be the illegal coup d’état misnamed “patriation” which Russell helped Trudeau to put into place. [For more, see “Patriation and Legitimacy of the Canadian Constitution“, the 1982 Cronkite Lectures, in which one of the chief coup culprits who aided Trudeau, confesses.]

If indeed the “rest of Canada” were to allow the “negotiations” called for with Quebec, as Russell and Ryder both propose, Quebec would become a Communist banana republic on the model of the former Yugoslavia, with self-managed worker factories of the kind espoused by Ferry Hunnius for Praxis, a Marxist agit-prop front which was equally the home of Socialist, Peter Russell.

Are we connecting the dots yet?

A socialist takeover of our academic institutions, of the law journals, of the Province of Quebec, of the Federal “government” (the two latter being both “sides” in the planned “negotiations”), … — and other provinces as well:  the Mike Harris government of Ontario was a complete Red sell-out — the whole to engineer the conversion of all of Canada to a string of banana republics, on a “Yes” in Quebec, using the 1982 “amending formulae” of the Marxist “coup” constitution rubber-stamped by Russell to forcibly restructure Quebec and the whole country to the Yugoslav system favored by Hunnius in the desired “negotiations”.

The fly in the socialist ointment, however, happens to be the temporal (i.e., prospective) character of the Rule of Law.  That which is forbidden by the lawful Constitution of 1867, the BNA Act, cannot be done, including using the front of “constitutional amendment” to seem to authorize what the Constitution forbids.  It forbids, first, replacing itself with any other constitution, as was nonetheless done in 1982; second, it forbids dismantling Canada by “secession”; third, it forbids annexing Canada to the USA (and Mexico) — for example — in a North American Soviet regional union.

That insight links directly to my next footnote:

3  Precisely the Yugoslav self-managed model is at the core of the 1972 manifesto of the Parti Québécois for a Communist State of Quebec, entitled Quand nous serons vraiment chez nous (translation:  When we will be truly at home).  Which means that French-Canadians in Quebec will never be “truly at home” until they adopt third-world, banana-republic, Tito-style, Yugoslav-style, self-managed factory-worker Communism.  See the Free Downloads tab, top menu, to get your free copy of that Manifesto.  Read the 1972 CBC Radio talk-show translation first, discussing it, in particular where invited guest and Marxist sociologist, Narcisso (Narciso) Pizarro, speaks:

[UN INVITÉ (doit être Narcisso PIZARRO):]

D’un autre côté, une inspiration dans le modèle Yugoslav — c’est-à-dire par­ti­ci­pa­tion, co-gestion, auto-gestion. Euh — […]

[A GUEST (must be Narcisso PIZARRO):]

In another aspect, inspiration in the Yugoslav model:* which is to say participation, co-management, self-management. Uh —


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