A Friend Betrayed

Category:  Historical Reprints.
SourceStraight Talk! The Official Bulletin Of The Edmund Burke Society.
Editor:  F. Paul Fromm
Associate Editor:  Kastuś Akula
Volume III Number 7, April 1971

New:  The Edmund Burke Society is a movement dedicated to preserving and promoting the basic virtues of Western Christian Civilization — individual freedom; individual responsibility; a self-sacrificing love of country; and a willing­ness to work and pay one’s own way and not be a burden on others. These virtues have made our civilization great.  Communism, socialism, and welfare-state liberalism are tearing it apart.  The Edmund Burke Society stands for a regeneration of Western Civilization and firm action against all its enemies.

The E.B.S. is financed mainly through small donations from generous Canadians.  Straight Talk! is produced by voluntary labour.

A Friend Betrayed

Somebody up there must be chuckling sardonically at the grim comedy going on in Canada and the United States over the Red Chinese and their ping-pong invitations.  The politicians and the news media have come completely apart at the seams just because the red interlopers in Pekings have deigned to allow foreign teams to take a carefully guided tour of China.  The newspapers fly into paroxysms of hopefulness simply because old sphinx-face, Chou En-lai (or should it be lie) mutters a few insertable words about future contacts between the American and Chinese people.  International ping-pong tournaments go on all the time; yet, it is hard to find them even on the sports page.  Now, because there’s a tournament in red China, it’s all over the front page.

Nixon is relaxing trade restrictions with red China.  United Airlines, eager to do anything for money, will apply to Peking for landing rights in Canton, Shanghai, and Peking.  There are clear indications that the Nixon anti-communists (?) in Washington are willing to let the red usurpers into the U.N.  American diplomatic recognition of Pekings seems to be in the cards.  Much of this has been accelerated by the ping-pong mania, which is largely a press creation.  Meanwhile, look whom we’ve stabbed in the back!  The legitimate government of China is on the island of Taiwan.  Taiwan has proved itself a reliable ally.  These brave, industrious little men have built a poverty-stricken island into a showpiece of prosperity and free enterperise in Asia.  Therefore, it makes good sense to embrace our avowed enemy (red China); to disown our ally, Taiwan; and to allow known Chicom sympathizers to manage our domestic news on China.  At least, this makes sense to the leftists in Ottawa and Washington.

Professor Paul Lin of McGill University, the former English language secretary to Chou En-lai, and an important Trudeau confidante and go-between in the early stages of Canada’s negotiations to recognize red China, has been cranking our pro-Peking articles for both the Toronto GLOBE AND MAIL and the NEW YORK TIMES.  The national news desk of C.T.V. is out of favour with the Chinese communists, especially as it is headed by Tom Gould, whose wife is South Vietnamese.  Thus, to get a correspondent into China, they had to offer the reds Peter Stursburg, an outsider and import from an Ottawa station.  Stursburg is a known knee-jerk leftist.  Accom­pa­ny­ing him is none other than Chester Ronning, a pro-Peking apologist from way back.  The T.V. reports by the C.B.C.’s Schlesinger are models of uncritical adulation of red China.  The sometimes anti-communist TORONTO TELEGRAM has been denied permission to post a correspondent in Peking.  Yes, our “news” from China will be very well managed, indeed!

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