Anti-Birch Society Lies

Category:  Historical reprints
Source:  Lodi News-Sentinel, Letter to the Editor
Date:  October 3, 1984


Anti-Birch Society Lies


As a 19-year member of the John Birch Society, I am writing this letter to try to clear up some of the false impressions fostered in the Sept. 23 article in the Stockton Re­cord by Barbara Serrano.

The John Birch Society has never “come out of the closet” because it has never been in there.  Its meetings have always been open to the public and its members constantly strive to get non-members to attend.  Soon after its founding, the Soviet Union launch­ed an attack upon the society with a misinformation drive which the liberal press willingly promoted.

They even insinuated we were communists.  These evil lies however aroused people’s curiosity and those with initiative enough to investigate found out that we were a patriotic anti-communist organization and the society grew.

The California legislature in­vestigated the JBS and found that it was not subversive but patriotic and aniti-communist.  So did the FBI.  Did the liberal press publicize this?  No!  Perceiving this backfire result, the liberal press ignored the society.  The John Birch Society did not “go into the closet.”  The liber­al press put any news about it in there and shut the door.  Still the society grew.  It numbers many thousands, not 50.  It runs national youth camps, a speakers bureau, and publishes two magazines of national circulation named “The Review of the News” and “Ameri­can Opinion.”

It does not advocate abolishment of public schools but is for local, not federal, control.  The more fed­eral control we have had the lower the scholastic achievement tests have fallen.  In communist coun­tries, the central government has complete control of education.

One of the plans of the Com­munist Manifesto is to have a graduated income tax.  The JBS opposes that.

On Sept. 22 in Lodl, the John Birch’s Speakers Bureau sponsored Tomas Schuman, a defector from the Soviet Union and former KGB worker in the Department of Disinformation.  He explained how the Soviets plant their lies in the liberal press in order to weaken our country.  He said, “Wake “up, America.”  The anti-communist John Birch Society stands for less government, more individual re­sponsibility and with God’s help, a better world.

Mrs. Minnie Mehrten

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