EBS plans future policy

Category:  Historical Reprints
Source:  The Varsity, Toronto
Author:  Denis Squires
Date:  Wednesday, November 13, 1968, page 11.  Vol. 89, No. 25.

EBS Plans Future Policy

“We believe that the best government is that which governs least”, said Paul Fromm (IV SMC) yesterday at a small open meeting in Sid Smith.  The EBS executive met to discuss its future plans and outline its principles to prospective members.

EBS President Fromm defined conservatism to include:

• the historical and traditional approach in assessing the desirability of a given change.
• individual freedom as its principal [sic] goal.
• the existence of government primarily for the protection of individual rights.

Fromm revealed that membership in the EBS has expanded to 1,000, half in Toronto.

The ensuing discussion, saw only one challenge issued concerning government anti-poverty programs, which the executive condoned with the provision that such spending meet with good results.  There was no discussion of SAC.

The activist organization is distributing pamphlets called What is the EBS? to introduce itself as an alternative to the liberal-leftist position.

The showing of films concerning the manipulation of mass media and revolution, as well as the appearance of guest speaker Dr. Norman Gunn of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Union is being planned.

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