Category:  Historical Reprints.
Source:  “Ex-Spy”, The Tuskaloosa News, February 20, 1985.


This half-item is from the Tuskaloosa News in Google Newspapers.  The front half is missing from the Google scans.  I’ve combed the issue, and all issues before and after it, and there is no sign of that page 1.  However, every bit of news on Tomas Schuman/Yuri Bezmenov is worth having, so here is the “rest” of it.

Category:  Historical Reprints.
SourceStraight Talk! Published By The Edmund Burke Society.


[First page missing, sorry:]

[…] high price, he said, since he had to leave a wife and daughter in Russia.

“I had to, it’s virtually impossible to take them out,” he said.  “When I think about friends and family, of course I regret.

“I still love my country and I always will — my country good or bad — but I do not like the system that was imposed in my nation.”

Schuman said the United States is “the best” nation “not simply because of human rights, civil rights and welfare checks … but mainly because it is the most productive nation, most productive economical system of free market capitalism and the form of the government which is called a republic.

Tomas Schuman holds copy of magazine he helped subvert

Tomas Schuman holds copy of magazine he helped subvert

“And if you want to (impress) Asians, Africans and Latin Americans about the advantages of your system, you shouldn’t (expound) Democracy or human rights or civil rights — they are all fake.

“You should (expound) capitalism,” he said.  “Mexicans or Indians may not necessarily understand what Democracy is — try to explain it to Filipinos, who live under President Marcos — but they definitely enjoy something that is manufactured in the United States and available on the market.”

The claim that peace can be reached through negotiations with the Soviet Union “Is a big fat lie,” Schuman said, and added “the war goes on right now.”  “You are not living in a time of peace, you are in a state of war — the war goes on all across the world, all over this planet.

“The main enemy (of the Soviets) is not some mythical capitalist,” he said.  “The main target of this war is you people, your civilisation, your system of individual responsibility, your form of government…

“And yet your media creates an impression that there is peace.” he added.

Schuman said Soviet “manipulation of public opinion” changes “the perception of reality” in the United States so that Americans concern themselves with “non-issues.”

Such non-issues promoted in the United States by Soviet subversion include “civil rights, human rights, homosexual rights, blacks and whites, greens and yellows .. free education, welfare state, redistribution of wealth, birth control — all kinds of things that may or may not necessarily have any relevance to your problem.”

Schuman said a younger generation taking over in the Kremlin could lead to a liberalization of policies in Russia “but only if the United States establishment … stops aiding communism in my country.”

He said western bankers and economic system “prop up” what he described as the “ruling junta” in Russia by “extending billions of dollars in credit” and by selling the Soviets technology and grain.

– 30 –


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