Free World Urged To Pressure Reds

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Source:  “Free World Urged To Pressure Reds”, San Diego Evening Tribune, Final Edition, Wednesday, November 11, 1959.  San Diego, California.
Origin:  FBI employee file on W. Cleon Skousen, page stamped Nov. 27 1959.

Free World Urged
To Pressure Reds

W. CLEON SKOUSEN: 'It would strangle'

‘It would strangle’

The United States and its non-Communist allies can win the cold war now by peaceful means, an expert on communism said here yesterday.

He is W. Cleon Skousen, Salt Lake City chief of police, author of the book, “The Naked Communist,” and a former FBI official.  Skousen spoke at a luncheon meeting of the Kiwanis Club in the San Diego Club.

He also spoke last night in the club at the annual meeting of the San Diego County Medical Society.

Population Increase Cited

In his address and in a subsequent interview, Skousen said the United States and its allies can end communism by exerting political and economic pressures.

“If we forced communism to live behind the Iron Curtain, it would strangle itself,” Skousen said.  “Its rapidly increasing population could never withstand isolation of that kind.”

He said Communist nations should be excluded from the United Nations and that free world nations should sever diplomatic relations with non-Communist [sic] countries.

‘Trade Cutoff Feared’

Economic sanctions would cut off trade with the Communist world “and make them prove their socialism alone behind the Iron Curtain,” he said.

“The Russians fear this more than anything else,” he said.

“We can win and we can do it without a major war by using the peaceful tools now in our hands.”

Skousen described this approach to the Cold War as “more powerful than the atomic bomb.”

He said these pressures should be applied after the non-Communist nations had demanded that the Russians permit free elections in Iron Curtain countries.

‘Military Policy Succeeds’

“The free world has never been in a stronger position to say to the Russians, ‘We are ready to have free elections behind the Iron Curtain under the supervision of the United Nations,'” he said.

“If the Russians fail to do so, we can use our powerful peaceful approach.”

The U.S. policy of “military isolation” already has proved a success in the cold war struggle, Skousen said.

“This has been a policy of not giving up one inch of ground to the Communists,” he said.

“It has brought the Communist timetable of expansion to a standstill.”

He said documents known to Western officials have shown that the timetable had called for capitulation and destruction of the capitalist countries no later than 1973.

“During and immediately after World War II, we lost hundreds of millions of people to the Communists, not only by Red aggression, but by the maneuvering of our left-wing diplomats,” he said.

But the Korean War was the turning point and resulted in the policy of military isolation of Communist countries, Skousen said.

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