Raps Communists, Canadian Tribune

Category:  Historical Reprints.
Source:  The Montreal Gazette, February 3, 1945

Raps Communists, Canadian Tribune

R. J. Lamoureux Charges Disruption of Labor Unions Sought by Leaders

Charging the Labor-Progressive Party and Canadian Communist leaders with undermining systematically Canadian unity, especially among the trade unions, R.J. Lamoureux of the United Steelworkers of America, stated last night at a press conference that

“Tim Buck and Joe Solzberg, the brain-trust of the Communist party, and their mouthpiece The Canadian Tribune should be indicted for treason to Canadian labor and to Canadian unity.”

He said “these so-called ‘politicians’, whose adventures have led them from the Moscow-directed international sickle and hammer policy to the double-crossing tactics of the capitalistic Liberal party are trying very hard to convince Canadians that they are representatives of Canadian labor, while in reality their deeds reveal nothing but the destruction of the labor movement and general chaos among all Canadians will satisfy them.”

Mr. Lamoureux condemned the Canadian Tribune, the Communist weekly, because as he put it,

“it is the mouthpiece of the saboteurs of Canadian unity, regardless of its professed favoritism shown toward the Liberal Party.”

He declared that the latest “trick” of the Canadian Communists was to interfere in the election of officers in Canadian unions, notably the United Steelworkers of America, whose Canadian director is C. H. Millard.  He said that the latter was opposed by “Communist supported candidates.”

“George McNeil and T. McClure,” he said “are both favored by the Canadian Tribune in its campaign of destruction of the unity of Canadian labor.  They oppose Mr. Millard and John Mitchell respectively in the coming elections for the position of national director and director of district No. 6 of the United Steelworkers of America.”

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