World-Government Subversion in America: Non-conformists “Mentally ill” or “Insane”


An extraordinary exposé from 1958 of Communist mental-health propaganda and subversion installing itself in the U.S.A., including startling extracts from a Communist subversive text book used at Lenin University.  The author of the piece connects the subversion to the UN, UNESCO, Marxist objectives for America, and the Communist goal of “One World Super Government”.

This article was found online as a scan of the original newspaper item.

Article Source:  20-A – Van Nuys (Calif.) NEWS Sunday, Feb. 23, 1958

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Psycho-Analysis and Mental Health Propaganda

Editor, The News:

Our American people, today, are being deluged with a cleverly planned and skilfully executed barrage of propaganda, designed to promote the adoption of so-called mental health legislation by national, state and local government, under the broad and disarmingly-innocent title of the “mental health program.”

For the past three years, these programs have been rapidly “mushrooming” in most parts of the country under the guidance of unknown and untrained alien psychiatrists who have been quick to seize upon the innate kindliness, hospitality, and altruism of our Christian American people, and to offer a variety of programs for “mental health” and “collectivist” schemes.

Most of the suave, high-pressure speakers who present these programs are saturated with a heavy alien accent and it doesn’t require too much analysis of the beautifully-packaged, deceptively-named “mental health” programs, already become law, or now pending before our national and state law-making bodies, to understand that the ultimate, intended goal of these proposed legislative acts are [sic] a vicious attempt to destroy the self-reliance of the American citizen — and that it is an ominous threat to deprive him of his freedom and liberty.

Become Easy Prey

After a careful reading of this propaganda now being huckstered around by speakers and organizers who can hardly enunciate English, and after listening to their oratory filled with pretense of concern for those who they claim are “mentally ill,” anyone with average intelligence should become convinced that most of these Mental Health “proposals” are political schemes to transform any citizen who may refuse to conform to any political objective being promoted by the nation, state or community in which he lives, into a faceless — spineless — characterless nonentity, devoid of will power or ambition — easy prey to those who may be in a position to exert power over him.

The modus operandi of si­lencing the “nonconformist,” — for example, any person who speaks out, or writes in hostile language against “One World Super Government” — sponsors, within the United Nations organization, is to rate him as being “mentally ill” and should he committed to some “national insane asylum.”

Trend Is Revealed

There is stressed the “usual” propaganda of “great bene­fits” of the Mental Health programs, emphasizing the efficiency of treatment and the speed by which the victims are returned to the community in large numbers, after treatment.

Any informed person knows well that, once a person is committed to an insane institution, — private, or political influence can keep him there till “doomsday.”

The proponents of these Mental Health programs and associations, are, in most cases, those who are identified with ‘One World Super Government,’ [-a–uit] within the United Nations organization), — the UNESCO “World Health Organization,” and the “World Federation for Mental Health.”

These organizations, whose objectives appear to be the ultimate destruction of the sovereignty of this Republic, are operating in all parts of the United States.  Their activities reveal an increasing trend toward Marxist subversion and of the possibility of violence as evidenced by Section 104(b) of the Alaska Mental Health (House Resolution 6376) which says:

“Any health, welfare, or police officer who has reason to believe that an individual is mentally ill … is likely to injure himself or others, if not immediately restrained, (violence) may take the individual into custody, — apply to a designated hospital for admission, and transport him thereto.”

Objectives Are Disguised

Obviously, without any written authorization except the “written application of an interested party,” for example, some welfare worker, an American citizen can thus be silenced and deprived of his liberty.

This is indeed a most incredible departure from recognized police procedure in effect today.

Aside from establishing an ideal precedent for shipping off to an insane asylum, any unwanted member of the family, what better scheme could there be for the silencing of those numerous patriotic persons who, for years have been persistently warning our citizens of the Communistic and Socialistic trends which they despise within our government …

What better program could there be, especially for satisfying the wrath of Sherman Adams and his White House “Palace Guard,” against troublesome dissenters and critics of the Eisenhower aadministration?

Most certainly, there is no one who would ever oppose the establishment of suitable hospitals and the very best of care for those who are genuinely “mentally ill,” or insane, — BUT, the gesture of philanthropy indicated by the numerous Mental Health programs, are [sic], in most cases, an atrocious fraud upon the Citizens of this Republic, because they [d]eceive the uninformed, — the indifferent, — and the naive, — in carefully disguising and concealing their true objectives, and also their failure to reveal the complexion and identity of their enthusiastic proponents and sponsors.

Extremely Impatient

The rash of Mental Health programs which have flooded the country with increasing vigor during the past few years, carry with them a distinctive odor of the “Super One World Government” and “World Federation of Mental Health” strategists, who have swarmed into this country from Europe during the past 20 years — received here with open arms under the complimentary label of being “political refugees.”

They now infest the United Nations Organization, — spreading their political poison where they have been able to carry on their activities and evil work unchecked, constantly working for the destruction of the established oorder of Christian life within these United States which has afforded them decent living, and asylum from persecution abroad.

These high priests of psychiatry, psychology, and mental health and their educationist stooges, — not satisfied with having, all but completely, destroyed the individual’s will to defend his God-given rights, as guaranteed under our constitution, have now become extremely impatient to attain their concealed objectives.

Accordingly, they have turned their attention to plaguing the country in the field of Mental Health as an effective means to accomplish the “coup de grâce,” namely the ultimate perversion of our citizens and the subversion of our Christian American ideals.

I have before me a mimeographed copy complete — of a text-book purported to be used by the students at the Lenin University in Moscow.  The pages of this book are most frightening to read.  It is titled “The Communist Manual of Psycho-Political Warfare.”

On the first pages there appears a speech delivered by Commissar Lavrenti Beria (formerly head of Soviet Secret Police) welcoming a group of American students at the University.  Portions of Beria’s speech are as follows:

“You must dominate, as respected men, the fields of psychiatry and psychology.  You must dominate the hospitals and universities.  You must carry forward the myth that ONLY an European doctor is competent in the field of insanity, and thus excuse amongst you, the high incidence of foreign birth and training …”

“With the institutions for the insane which you have in your country, in those prisons which can hold a million persons, where they can be held without civil rights or any hope of freedom — upon these people can be practiced shock and surgery in such a manner that never again will they draw a sane breath.”

Use the courts, — use the judges, — use the Constitution of your country, — its medical societies, — and its laws — to further your ends … And when you have succeeded you can effect your own legislation at will; you can … make the capitalist, himself, finance the quiet conquest — the quiet revolution in your country.”

The above paragraph[s] appears to confirm what has so often been told us by Soviet leaders, “We shall take over the United States without firing a shot.”

Must Develop Solution

When the deceptive eloquence, and processes of mental trickery practiced by most of the proponents of mental health legislation, have been well exposed — the Congress should take a good look beneath the surface in order to make a thorough investigation of the peculiar personalities behind, and supporting the numerous Mental Health programs.

Then, and not until then, will this atrocious fraud upon our citizens be revealed in all of its stark reality and evil aims.

Instead of establishing, here and there, the national insane asylums contemplated by these alien mental health “experts” for the isolation of patriotic Americans who refuse to conform to the Communist and Socialist trends in government, and who refuse to remain silent in the presence of treason in our Supreme Court, a real solution, in keeping with American tradition, must certainly be developed for the tender care and understanding of those who are genuinely ill mentally.

This must be administered by those of American parentage and Christian background — of proper training and recognized ability in the field of psychiatry and psychology.

Every effort should be made to rid this nation of this alien swarm of phoney psychiatrists and psychologists, — many of whom serve Marxist fanatics by classifying, as mental cases, those Americans of patriotic stature who loudly and courageously oppose such un-American organizations inside the United Nations organization as UNESCO, One world super-government, and Communism with all its fronts.

Demand Investigation

It appears obvious that if laws could be re-written, mental health prisons created, and, if the majority of our voting citizens could be “brain-washed” into the belief that every non-conformist is a victim of “mental illness,” then those who conspire to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America, might finally succeed in the establishment of a “Super One-World Government” to succeed the United Nations Organization.

There would then be no need for concentration camps.  Institutions for the “Mentally ill” would suffice.

Every Senator and Congressman should be deluged with letters demanding the immediate investigation of all mental health bills, now pending before the Congress.

Investigation should also be demanded to disclose the identity of those who are financing and promoting them.  Many of these bills, like the Alaska Mental Health Bill (HR 6376), reek with medical fraud and possible treason.

Your demand should be made NOW, before it is too late.


– 30 –


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