CBC producer admits filing Pravda reports

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SourceOttawa Journal, Saturday, December 10th, 1977, page 9

CBC producer admits
filing Pravda reports

TORONTO (CP) — CBC producer Mark Starowicz said Friday he accepted money for filing reports to a correspondent for the U.S.S.R.’s national newspaper, Pravda, who was working in Ottawa until 1973 and may be the person referred to in an RCMP report.

He made his comments after Attorney-General Roy McMurtry released the RCMP report in the legislature earlier Friday.  The report said the RCMP’s concern with individuals in the Waffle wing of the Ontario NDP increased when it was found “that a Canadian news media person, closely associated with leading people in the Waffle, was meeting clandestinely with Konstantin Geyvandov, a Russian KGB intelligence officer, who between August, 1968, and September, 1973, operated in Canada as a Pravda correspondent.”

However, Starowicz said there was nothing clandestine about the relationship, adding he had no knowledge that Geyvandov was a KGB agent and still does not believe the charge.

Starowicz said one of a few background reports he did for Geyvandov was on the significance of the Waffle.  He said he was paid about $100 for each report.

He said he never was a member of the Waffle or the NDP.

The producer said he met Geyvandov in a hotel, the Ottawa Press Club and other public places.

Before and after a trip to Moscow to negotiate for a CBC radio show to originate from there, Starowicz said he told the RCMP everything about his relationship with Geyvandov.

Geyvandov returned to the Soviet Union in 1973 and the federal government did not allow him to return.

RCMP investigation of members of the radical Waffle group of the Ontario New Democratic Party in the early 1970s concludes it was penetrated by subversive elements, but NDP leader Stephen Lewis refused Friday to take the investigation too seriously.

“I know that some would like to make much of this, but I’m saying I can’t take the substance of it very seriously,” Lewis said in an interview.

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