Death Sentences Worry Kremlin

Category:  Historical Reprints
SourceSunday Times, Perth, W.A., 1 March 1953, page 2.

Death Sentences Worry Kremlin

Quebec, Sat.:  A high Canadian Communist organiser, who quit the party, told a Quebec newspaper today that Moscow feared it would have trouble recruiting spies if Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed.

The Kremlin had “insisted that we must at all cost save them to protect Communist spying,” the organiser, Pat Walsh, said in a 3000-word statement printed in L’Action Catholique.

The Party in Quebec had received orders from Moscow to blow up all hydro-electric plants and burn paper mills and forests in the event of war, Walsh said in his public statement.

“But the latest instructions from Moscow concerning the Rosenbergs was the last drop of water which tips the glass and made me decide to fight a system which uses us as pegs.

“Neither myself nor my former friends had objections to invoke clemency toward these spies of the Red Regime, but Moscow insisted that we must at all cost save them to protect Communist spying.

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