Former Red Leader Discloses Communist Operatives Receive Sacraments to Hide Motives

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SourceThe Guardian (Arkansas Catholic), March 13, 1953, Page Seven

Former Red Leader Discloses Communist Operatives Receive Sacraments to Hide Motives

Quebec.  (NC) — In an effort to build an effective sabotage machine in Canada’s lumber campus, communist agents have been instructed to pose as “good Catholics” and be among the first in attendance at Mass and reception of the Sacraments.  Pat Walsh who has abandoned his position as top Quebec communist labor organizer, disclosed here.

Communism’s all-out, Moscow-first attitude in the Rosenbergs’ case led him to renounce his ties with all communist and fellow traveller organization, Mr. Walsh declared.

“Neither I nor my friends had any objection to invoking clemency for these spies of the Red regime,” Mr. Walsh said in describing the last straw episode.  “But they insisted that they must be saved at all costs in order to protect the communist espionage.  If these unfortunates were executed, according to the Canadian spokesman for Moscow, we would indeed have much greater difficulty in maintaining our spies and recruiting new ones.  That made me realize what often had shocked me; the interests of Moscow came first and to a point which the ordinary person cannot even suspect.”

Mr. Walsh said a Canadian communist leader returned recently from Moscow with orders that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, sentenced to death for treason in the United States for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets, must be saved at all costs.  Mr. Walsh said the Moscow directive was not so much in concern for the Rosenbergs themselves, as it was a move to protect the communist spy system.

When he made up his mind to break with the Reds, Mr. Walsh went to the offices of L’Action Catholique, French-language Catholic daily, and gave a statement of some 3,000 words explaining his break with communism to Dr. Louis Philippe Roy, editor-in-chief.  After it appeared in L’Action Catholique, Mr. Walsh’s story was given front-page prominence in papers throughout Canada.  As expected, his charges of Red tie-ups drew prompt denials from the communists.

Mr. Walsh said that the Red leader who recently visited Moscow had brought back orders that in case of war all hydro plants in Canada were to be blown up and all pulp and paper mills and forests set afire.

The one-time Red labor leader said anti-communist articles which have appeared in L’Action Catholique and other Catholic papers have been effective.  He also paid tribute to the padlock law of Premier Maurice Duplessis, an effective means of keeping down communism in Quebec province.  The law calls for the padlocking of any premises shown to have been used by any communist or Red organization.

Mr. Walsh listed the communists and fellow traveller organizations “as well as others organized by the communist Labor Progressive Party and used by it as ‘front’ organizations,” from which he was resigning.  These included:

The Canadian Peace Congres, of which he was a member of the national executive committee; League of Democratic Rights, of which he was a founder and member of the national executive committee; Canadian Union of Woodworkers, of which he was a founder, an officer of the executive committee and secretary-treasurer of Quebec Local No. 4; the Canadian Tribune, official organ of the Labor Progressive Party, of which he was Quebec city representative since its founding in 1940; World Syndical Federation, syndical center of the Cominform with headquarters in Vienna, of which he was liaison officer in Canada since 1948.

Mr. Walsh said he also had quit a number of lesser known organizations of the Communist Labor Progressive Party which included:  Workers Committee for Peace, Committee for Syndical Rights, League of Civil Liberties of the City of Quebec, Committee of Canadian Maritime Workers, and editorial committee of Combat and Action, publications of the Communist Party.

Mr. Walsh said that Soviet agents, in their organization campaign in the logging camps in Canada, have been instructed to try to deceive those opposed to communism by giving the impression of being good Catholics.

As a means of perfecting the Red sabotage machine to be used in case of war, Mr. Walsh said the Red agents were instructed to be among the first to attend Mass and receive the Sacraments whenever missionary priests visited lumber camps.

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