Terrorism In The Press – An Analysis of the Press Coverage of ‘Opération McGill’

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Source:  The McGill Daily, Vol. 58 — No. 88.  Montreal, Wednesday, April 2, 1969.


AntiCommunist Archive will sometimes harvest items by “the other side” when these are of historical interest to researchers.  This is one of those times.

This item by Mark Starowicz is interesting because it immediately pegs the newspaper headline that got Red Mole Pierre Trudeau elected in 1968, manipulating Canadians with terror at the prospect of losing Canada to the “separatists”.  (They were Communists.)

However, Trudeau’s election was a Communist-Fascist operation wielded by The Money Power who control the press.  Moreover, there was never any risk of losing the country to a “separatist” government in any province, let alone Quebec.  And this because the Constitution of 1867 was designed to deny legal power to annex or dismantle Canada.  Any “political” party intent upon doing so — whether federal or provincial, no matter the pretext, has no right to sit and vote to make laws in Canada, as they oppose the Constitution and defy its limitations on their power.

With parties like this, we have a series of sitting coup d’états, not free government under law.  These sitting coups merely use the “process” of elections to get themselves in, and to expropriate the treasury.  They are not lawful governments, because outside of the conveyor belt of the election process, they deny the Constitution.

This means that every federal government that has provoked, condoned and cooperated with so-called “separatism” or has proposed to “negotiate” with it after a “Yes” in illegal referendums, and every provincial government in any province that had done likewise, has been a usurper government.  It has occupied office on its own authority, but has not exercised office under authority of the Constitution.  All such de facto  (non-legal) governments can be ousted, even retroactively, and their statute books invalidated because they had no legal power to vote laws for Canada, being under void oaths.

The Starowicz item also brings to the fore the very direct links between the FLQ terrorist movement, the “separatist” movement (a Communist front) and the attack on the institutions and constitutional structure of Canada that was, then as now, underway from all angles.

McGill University is an institution of the Britanno founding or constituent peoples of Canada.  Constitutionally, it exists because without it, these founding peoples have no way to preserve themselves or their culture and heritage by the chief means available, education.

The goal of the “Operation McGill” protesters, organized as a Red front (as admitted by one of the Reds in another publication) (and as feared by Police who were at the scene of a real potential riot) was to expropriate McGill, deprive the Britannos of their ethnic and cultural institution, francicize it, and thus remove this “structural” pillar of Confederation from Quebec as part of the process of “liberating” Quebec itself from Confederation.

The ultimate structural objective is to eliminate the Quebec Legislature entirely by devolving the legislative powers of self-government of the French Canadians to new multicultural “international” city-states doing socialist planning on the model of Moscow:  an expanded and consolidated metropolitan “region” with legislative powers and financial resources for the purpose of Communist planning, described in the journals of the Communist Party of the USA.

The project of the “liberators” (genociders) is complete structural eradication of the nation-state by ripping out one by one the timbers of Confederation.  It is a Communist project, anti-national and global in scope, with a clear and unmistakable view to the planned ethnic genocide of the founding or constituent peoples of Canada and the West, to whom our respective institutions belong.  And I am referring to both French Canadians and Britanno Canadians with regard to Canada.  Without Quebec as a French-Canadian province, without McGill as a Britanno institution, neither of these founding constituent peoples can survive.

The Left shows up with bull horns, and/or Molotov cocktails, at “public” protests and pretend they are protecting someone’s rights.  In fact they are slowly but inexorably destroying all our rights by leading us into damaging confrontations which they themselves “resolve” to their own benefit.

Therefore, political wars among the founding peoples are not good for us, and are only beneficial to the anti-national, communist-fascist Money Power of the multinationals and the international bankers who in fact are behind the genocidal Left.  The real solution is to be educated about our real Constitution, and to use it to protect ourselves by standing up for each other’s rights.

In less than five years from penning his “Opération McGill” piece for the Daily, Starowicz will be caught by the RCMP taking Red money from Soviet intelligence (Konstantin Geiwandov) to write articles for Pravda.  However, former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to Canada before he moved to the USA, clarified the Starowicz-Geiwandov ruble exchange as the “initial” step in a KGB blackmailing operation.  Mark Starowicz, says Bezmenov, was selling dirt to the KGB for the purpose of blackmailing members of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Now, think for a moment.  Why would the KGB want to control Canada’s press coverage of its own Parliament — at that time under the “command” of Red Mole and Pilgrim of Moscow, Pierre Trudeau whose intent was to dismantle Canada by “negotiating” with Quebec after a “Yes” in a planned referendum.  Before you answer, read the 1972 manifesto of the Parti Québécois for a Communist “independent” state of Quebec… linked to the “rest of” Canada and USA by ‘trade’ accords.  (A free copy of the manifesto is on the Free Downloads tab.)

CBC producer Mark Starowicz promised a KGB agent he would act on behalf of Soviet interests

CBC producer Mark Starowicz promised a KGB agent he would act on behalf of Soviet interests

Scroll down this page, “News-Slanting and Communist-line Propaganda on the CBC“, for an update on Mr. Starowicz and his communist activities.

Pay close attention to Mr. Starowicz in the 1968 item below as he carefully hijacks and isolates the founding peoples of Canada into camps that can never “understand” each other.  In other words, Mr. Starowicz anticipates the “break-up” of Canada.

Terrorism In The Press —
An Analysis of the Press Coverage
of ‘Opération McGill’

By Mark Starowicz

Last June, in the wake of the St. Jean Baptiste Day riot, the Toronto Daily Star, reporting on Trudeau’s remaining on the grandstand though objects were being hurled at him, proclaimed on nine columns:


The evening of the 25th, a Toronto NDP candidate waiting for the election returns to come in commented to a Toronto Star reporter:  “I read your paper’s story about how Trudeau defied the separatists.  Sounded more to me like the separatists defied Trudeau”.

Nothing convinces one more about the impossibility of English Canada and Quebec understanding each other than reading the English press’ coverage of events in Quebec.

Never in the last ten years, has a single event received as much publicity before it even took place, and rarely has so much hysteria been self-generated (the organizers never talked about violence, the spectre was raised and knocked down by the counter propaganda).

Sampling the national press of the last ten days brings out very interesting lessons about the ideological content of the press, the technique of journalistic terrorism, and the attitudes of those who control our press towards Quebec.  It is also an object lesson in how to cover a story without explaining what was really taking place.

Just as in 1963, with the first FLQ bombings, the national press discovered that Quebec had been dissatisfied for 200 years, the week of March 23-28, the national press discovered the nefarious plot to demonstrate against McGill.  Ten points for picking up a fact that had been publicized for a month.

Only the French press, particularly La Presse, had been carrying prominent long articles discussing all the issues since the end of February.  Radio-Canada, the French service of the CBC, recorded 29 items ranging from ten minutes to 90 minutes in length on the basic issues of an English university’s role in Quebec.  The Montreal Star and The Gazette coughed up three or four stories each within ten days of the event, none delving any deeper into the matter than to summarize the five demands of the march.

Last week the Gazette came all over its front page, page three and editorial page.  Robert Shaw delivered his famous Iron Curtain and stop-the-Francos-at-the-Roddick-Gates speech before the Bar Association, and The Gazette blew the headline on him, announcing McGill’s very existence is threatened.  On page three, Wilder Penfield, the renowned neurologist picked by the Board of Governors to be its spokesman (he’s the only Board member who isn’t a capitalist), was cutting malignant tumors out of mankind’s brain before the Canadian Club, warning about dangerous anarchists and revolutionaries.

The morning The Gazette appeared, all the papers in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver rallied to the flag.  Phase one of the program of journalistic terrorism was in operation.  Robert Shaw’s speech was the vehicle.  The Canadian public was being inured to expect hordes of rabid separatists burn McGill to the ground.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, McGill captured most of the headlines across the country.  The press decided, along with Robert Shaw (who knows from his Expo days what a lie is, and how to feed the press the magic words it wants to hear — violence … destruction), that violence was almost inevitable.  This was no accident, no duped press.  This was conscious.  This was as important a part of the counter-attack as the police show of force during thast week and the arbitrary arrests of activists.  The press is geared to panic anyway.  When that predisposition is combined with the spectre of separatists, the press will do anything to prove there will be violence.  It’s an ideological thing.

The organizers stressed it would be a peaceful demonstration.  That was irrelevant.  It was to be violent.  A spectre was being raised for a very good reason — if there was violence, the groundwork for hysterical reaction is laid (a la Sir George), the seeds of Marxism and anarchy are revealed.  If the demonstration is non-violent, then obviously it was a flop.  Two alternate news stories could have been written a week before the march:  1) Mob destroy McGill Property or 2) McGill March Fizzles Out.  As it turned out, the second pre-programmed story was written.  But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The day after the Shaw speech, and the spectre of McGill the innocent virgin standing naked before thousands of sexually depraved separatists was raised, came the glorification of the forces of order.

Turner announces Quebec requested troops on standby.  Almost every headline in the country stands to attention:  the Globe and Mail blows eight columns on the troops-on-alert story, and discusses when the army is permitted to fire on a crowd, with tear gas or light machine guns.

The Ottawa Citizen headline.  Thursday:

“Troops Stand By”

Toronto Star:

“Police set for riot by 5,000 in all-French McGill March”

Toronto Telegram:

“McGill Threat:  Mounties move in”

Edmonton Journal:

“Montreal Watches a tense McGill in fear”

To an English-language reader anywhere outside Montreal, this was the picture:  Thousands of separatists, anarchists, Marxists and hoods are going to attack one of the greatest institutions in the world.  They want to destroy it.  Why?  Because they’re separatists, anarchists, Marxists and hoods.  But.  The police and army will protect McGill.  Now everyone waits in fear.

This brings us up to Friday, but before moving on to the post-demonstration coverage, it’s interesting to select some of the more incongruous fictions from the stories that were carried.

In all the Canadian Press and Southam News Service stories, Stanley Gray is a “self-avowed Marxist” — translation:  the rotten pinko even admits he’s an anarchist.

Raymond Lemieux is always “34-year-old unilingualist and man behind the St. Leonard Affair”.  Translation:  racist who wants to make everyone speak French, and he’s even tried to do this once.  Never an insight into the social philosophy behind the LIS.

Toronto Star:  “Raymond Lemieux … called a news conference to condemn the police preparation for Friday’s march”. — Imagine, he actually expects the police to stay away.  What Lemieux did, in fact, was condemn arbitrary arrests and police harassment, as well as a campaign of terror.  In the same story, this gem of suggestivity:  “The McGill campus on Sherbrooke Street is only four blocks from Sir George Williams University, where protesting students recently ransacked the computer system and set fire to the building causing an estimated $2,000,000 in damages.

Now, after spending seven paragraphs on Shaw, a word from the march organizers for the sake of objectivity:  “At McGill yesterday, Stanley Gray … defended the objectives of Friday’s march.  At McGill, he said, “there are only from 7 to 8 per cent students who are of French origin.  This includes students who come from France and Belgium.  Also, 26 per cent of McGill students come from outside Quebec and this is the largest percentage of out-of-province students in any Canadian university”.  End.  Great summary of the objectives of the march.  This man Gray is angry because there are too many foreign students.  Racist.

The Toronto Telegram, as usual, outdid
the Toronto Star.  A story by Claude Henault from Ottawa tells us

“The source said that the RCMP’s interest in the demonstration dates back many months because it has reasons to believe the demonstration is not student-originated but rather a Communist front“.

Further:  “He said that at the original meeting more than two months ago when a March on McGill was decided on ‘there was not a single French Canadian or single student present'”.  This is interesting because the first meeting comprised 100 students, all French.  And if the meeting was two months ago, as the last statement admits, how does the RCMP’s interest in the demonstration date back “many months”.  Clairvoyance, no doubt.

Henault’s story quotes other sources throughout the rest of the story:  “Unconfirmed police intelligence reports are that the original planners of the demonstration included Americans and Frenchmen who emigrated from Algeria* when France pulled out.  “He goes on to quote “Quebec sources …” “A top Quebec source”, a “Quebec government spokesman”.

The Southam News Service told us “English and French here await tonight with fear”.  People are committing hara-kiri in St. Catherine [sic], perhaps.  It continues:  “The explosive combination of student radicalism and extremist separatism is about to meet three police forces — and possibly the army — in the heart of this bomb-ridden metropolis at historic McGill University”.  (That masterpiece is reproduced above, entitled “Montreal watches a tense McGill in fear”.)

When the demonstration turned out peaceful, the press had problems.  Quick resolution — if a demonstration doesn’t destroy everything it’s [sic] wake, then obviously it’s a failure.

Headline:  Winnipeg Free Press, Saturday:  “McGill March Fizzles Out”.  Overline:  “Leaders take refuge.  Lead:  The march on McGill University that was “to bring down the bastille” sputtered out early today in a spree of window-smashing and trash-basket arson by gangs of roving teenagers”.  Further:  “The leaders of the demonstration … took refuge behind police lines …” And “The promised alliance of students and workers never came off”.

6000 McGill français marchers
The subhead reads:  “8,000 demonstrators fail to rile police although 41 arrested and 18 slightly injured.”  Not rito. [sic]  Demonstration failure.  Simple equation.  Obviously the purpose of the demonstration was to have a fight with the cops, not to point to a social injustice.

Headline, Ottawa Citizen, Saturday:

“Police cool McGill Mob”

Headline, Toronto Star, Saturday:

“1,000 riot police turn back 6,000 McGill Marchers”

Headline, Globe and Mail, Saturday:

“Police charge disperses McGill protest march”

And so the story goes on all the headlines across the country.  The police stopped a demonstration from turning violent.  Yet it was, as the organizers promised, a peaceful demonstration with isolated incidents.  The vast majority came to peacefully protest.

1,000 police stopped (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) thousand (take your choice from press estimates) at the Roddick Gates.  Armageddon averted.

PS.  Thousands of people turned out on a cold night, in one of the largest Quebec demonstrations of the post-war period, to protest something.

– – –

Last Wednesday morning, Montreal police and RCMP officers entered John Fekete’s apartment on Decarie with a warrant to search for explosives.  Fekete was not connected with Operation McGill.  They searched all his papers for evidence of conspiracy, and finding no explosives, allegedly found half a gram of marijuana caked to the bowl of a water pipe.  He was hauled in on a charge of possession, as was a companion.

The Montreal Star — New.  Bolder.  More liberal — came up with the following archetype of character assassination by implication.  An object lesson in slanting a story:

The first edition carried on the front page a relatively straight story, headlined “Police raid nets Fekete”, stating:

A 22-year-old McGill student, John Alfred Fekete, was taken into custody following an RCMP raid on his apartment at 4130 Decarie Blvd.  at noon yesterday.  The raid was made by a combined anti-terrorist squad which made a search for explosives.  None was found.

However, police said they found a water pipe and half a gram of marijuana in the dwelling.

Police also detained a female in connection with the case.  She was questioned and released.

In the same day’s final edition, the following story — rewritten — appeared on the front page, headloinged “Fekete on dope count”.

McGill activist student John Fekete was brought to Criminal Court today with a young Toronto girl, Carolyn Tate, on narcotics charges.  Both accused, in their early twenties, were picked up by police in a Decarie apartment, and were charged before Judge Marc André Blaine with possession of half a gram of marijuana allegedly found by police in a wardrobe.

Represented by lawyer Richard Shadley, the pair was ordered to an April 3rd preliminary hearing.  Fekete was held on bond of $950, while bail in the case of the girl was set at $200 deposit.

With a couple of transpositions of words and judicious fiddling, we have a new picture.  Fekete is a dope fiend.

Caught with “a young Toronto girl” — Mr. Fekete, as we all knew from the filth he wrote in last year’s Daily, is a sexually depraved maniac.  Rapes young Toronto girls between writing pornography.

“In a Decarie apartment” — the poor Star writer; he would have loved it to be “a Coloniale street tenement room”.  But since Mr. Fekete was found in his own apartment on Decarie, he did the best he could.

The Montreal Star started a new column recently, to defend people against bureaucracy, dishonest businesses etc.

But who’s going to protect the people from the newspapers?

– 30 –


*  When France pulled out, Algeria went Communist.  Admin.


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