Action Canada – Corporal Hellyer Leads The Charge

Category:  Historical Reprints.
SourceStraight Talk! Published By The Edmund Burke Society.
Editor:  F. Paul Fromm, B.A.
Associate Editor:  Kastus Akula
Writers:  E.B.S. members and friends
Directors:  The Council of the E.B.S.
Volume III, No. 8, May 1971

The Edmund Burke Society is a movement dedicated to preserving and promoting the basic virtues of Western Christian Civilization — individual freedom; individual responsibility; a self-sacrificing love of country; and a willingness to work and pay one’s own way and not be a burden on others.  These virtues have made our civilization great.  Communism, socialism, and welfare-state Liberalism are tearing it apart.  The Edmund Burke Society stands for a regeneration of Western Civilization and firm action against all its enemies.

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Action Canada — Corporal Hellyer
Leads The Charge

From The Editor’s Notebook

Many sincere people who are fed up with the economic madness of the bureaucracy in Ottawa are going to be gulled in to follow Paul Hellyer’s Action Canada.  Hellyer quit the Liberal Party, saying, as STRAIGHT TALK! has for the past three years, and we here quote Hellyer:

It’s too rigid.  A handful of people — a small coterie of a dozen to 15 top civil servants — make too many decisions … Their views are rubber-stamped down the line by the Cabinet; there is no way the Cabinet can buck the Prime Minister and the “in” group.  Then, the party, in turn, endorses the Cabinet position.”

True and well-said.

However, let us remember that, while admirably advocating lower taxes, Hellyer speaks of price and wage controls.  As Defence Minister under Lester Pearson, his arrogance was legend as he “unified” the Canadian Armed Forces — a move, which to this day, has contributed to their low morale.  Hellyer offers a big, interfering government, despite his rhetoric.  He rightly notes that Trudeau is a socialist.  Why didn’t he expose him when it could have done some good, during the 1968 leadership race?  Hellyer may be well intentioned, or, as some editors feel, he may be using Action Canada to launch a political comeback.  Either way, Action Canada is a diversion.  We must work to elect good anti-communist M.P.’s.  To do this, we must support either the Social Credit Party or reliable, individual Progressive Conservatives!

– 30 –



E.B.S. Editors were almost right on the money.  However, rather than a political vehicle to launch his own comeback, the new “Action Canada” party (in future to be named the Canadian Action Party) was a Red front and controlled opposition.

Like the “separatist” Parti Québécois — ordained to exist by a “secret committee” of Red “Liberals” at Power Corporation in 1967, including Jean Marchand, Maurice Sauvé and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, all in Soviet agent Lester Pearson’s Cabinet — Action Canada / the Canadian Action Party was and is controlled opposition and a Communist front.

The big dead give-away, if only the news would bother to cover these things, was the rise to the leadership of Hellyer’s CAP by well known Communist Connie Fogal (Constance Clara Fogal Rankin), recruited into the CAP by Paul Hellyer himself.

Prior to joining Hellyer’s little red CAP, Connie and her Stalinist husband the foul-mouthed Harry Rankin, ran Vancouver’s only Communist municipal party.

In 1996, after the failed 1995 Quebec referendum under the Communist PQ, Fogal and Rankin played host to their visiting brother Communist, Guy Bertrand, a Quebec City lawyer and co-founder with Communist René Lévesque of the Communist Parti Québécois (founded in 1968 on orders of the “secret committee at Power Corporation”).

I never tire of repeating that Harry Rankin’s funeral was a public social event for which Connie herself engaged the services of a choir to sing goodbye to Harry not with “O! Canada” but the sweet Red refrains of the Communist Internationale.

On February 2nd, 1996 at the auditorium of the John Oliver High School in Vancouver, B.C., under the euphemistic label “Citizens Concerned About Free Trade”, Communist Connie and Red Lying Harry co-hosted consummate “law” con, Guy Bertrand of Quebec, who delivered a joint lecture together with Red Tory David Orchard, entitled “Canada after the Quebec referendum — What now?”. 1

Canada after the Quebec referendum – What now?

Canada after the Quebec referendum – What now?

I call him Red Lying Harry because Rankin eventually boasted that he had obtained his license to practice law in British Columbia by lying to the Bar that he was not a Communist.

Of course, “free trade” is just another euphemistic label, meaning a step on the way to consolidating the North American Soviet Union.

As for the 1995 Quebec referendum, conducted under the auspices of Hellyer’s fellow Reds in the Communist PQ founded on the orders of “socialist” Pierre Trudeau and the crew of Red Liberals under Power Corp. control, that was a Communist, Soviet attack on all of Canada and North America.  The main referendum logo, after all, was a map of a borderless North America, not a map of the independent State of Quebec.  (Maybe the Americans would have liked a vote.)

1  That’s my camera-shot above.  I have the 60-minute Hi Fi Recording cassette of the lecture right here, Side A and Side B.  Therefore I have just given you the title on the label.


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