Bilderberger Boy Ruffled

Category:  Historical Reprints.
SourceStraight Talk! Published By The Edmund Burke Society.
Editor:  F. Paul Fromm
Associate Editor:  Kastuś Akula
Writers:  E.B.S. members and friends
Directors:  The Council of the E.B.S.
Volume III Number 10, July-August 1971

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Bilderberger Boy Ruffled

F. Paul Fromm

Donald S. Macdonald, Canada’s Minister of Defence and M.O. for Toronto Rosedale was in his home turf for a constituency meeting on the night of June 24.  The scene was Rosedale Public Schools, where Mr. Macdonald faced 70 constituents and 25 members of the EDMUND BURKE SOCIETY, a group he has claimed should “be in padded cells.”

The evening was close and muggy as the perspiring and florid Mr. Macdonald began to address the crowd.  The room was full of expectation as several of our members had handed out a leaflet at the door, slamming the Liberals for wasting public money on Opportunities For Reds (misprint:  I meant “Youth”) handouts and on donations to radical groups, like the Riverdale Community Organization and the Poor People’s Conference.  The leaflet also demanded a public explanation for Mr. Macdonald’s trip in April of this year to the Bilderberg conference, which was held in Woodstock, Vermont at the Woodstock Inn, owned by the mammoth international banking family, the Rockefellers.

Perhaps, I’d better stop here and explain a little about the very secretive Bilderbergers.  Would you believe that this is a group of extremely powerful men in banking, business, politics, communications, and the universities, who meet once a year.  These men come from Western Europe and the Americas.  There are usually 80 to 100 participants.  The Chairman is Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who convened the first meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel (hence the group’s name) in May 1954.  The press is usually excluded from the conferences.  The discussions are strictly secret.  Oh, yes, one other thing:  most of the participants are, shall, we say, leftists.  This year among Canada’s contingent were Professor Abraham Rotstein of the University of Toronto (who is known as the mentor and brains behind Waffle-leader, Melville Watkins, and is currently (August 7) participating in a Trotskyist-inspired anti-U.S. forum on Vietnam in Toronto); Paul H. Loman, President of the Aluminum Company of Canada Ltd.; Anthony G.S. Griffin, President of Triarch Corporation Ltd.; and, of course, Donald S. Macdonald.

Among this year’s American participants was Henry Kissinger, the grey eminence behind Nixon’s disgusting sellout of our allies in Taiwan and South Vietnam.  Mr. Kissinger is a former staff member of the heavily-funded and very influential Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.), which stands for one-world government organized through an internationalist socialist super-state.  This group has dictated U.S. foreign policy, Republican or Democrat, since 1932.  Also, by purest chance, members of the C.F.R. and regular participants of the Bilderberger get-togethers are former Under Secretary of State, George Ball, and former Presidential Press Secretary, McGeorge Bundy.  (cf. W. Cleon Skousen’s THE NAKED CAPITALIST) Mr. Skousen’s excellent book also reveals that among Prince Bernhard’s right-hand men in organizing the first Bilderberg Conference was Dr. Joseph E. Rettinger, “communist Poland’s Chargé d’Affaires in Russia.”  Do you begin to get the picture?

Now, according to the good professor Rotstein, reached by a STRAIGHT TALK! investigator on May 28, the Bilderberger conference was “a conference of private individuals …. No resolutions were passed.”  This same investigator contacted Donald S. Macdonald’s constituency headquarters and asked the person in charge to have the Minister answer two questions about the Bilderberger meeting.  The nervous male secretary demanded name, address, phone number, and social security number (you’d think our investigator was applying for welfare.)  Of course, the address was just a mail drop.  The male secretary had, apparently religiously checked out both address and phone number and was beside himself to find out who the investigator was.  It would seem that they have something to hide.

Roll this proposition around in your mind.  A hundred of the world’s most powerful men, including the banking magnate, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, get together for three days each year.  Their meeting is secret; yet, no resolutions are passed and they gather (according to Donald S. Macdonald) “to hear papers on current problems.”  “People can differ,” Macdonald told the Rosedale meeting, but “they do try to clarify each other’s thinking.”  Now, just what does that mean?  Clarify it in what direction?  Let’s be realistic; the men who attend those conferences are extremely busy men.  If they want a holiday, it will be where there is sand, sun, and relaxation — not a series of discussions and papers.  We must conclude, then, that they are there on business — secret business!  No man of their importance is going to waste three days a year to just chew the fat.  To justify the expenditure in time some conclusions must be arrived at — conclusions and “clarifications” that are too sensitive for the press to report.  THE REVIEW OF THE NEWS (September 21, 1966) quoted a statement by a frequent Bilderberger participant, Raymond B. Fosdick:  “The Bilderberg partners are spinning ‘the infinity of threads (economically and politically that bind peace togetehr.'”  You’d better believe it, with men like Kissinger around!

At long last, back to the meeting with Donald S. Macdonald.  The meeting, as mentioned, was alive with anticipation.  What were the Burkers going to do?  How many of them are there?  These thoughts were written on the well-fed faces of the members of the Rosedale Liberal Association.

After an innocuous talk on new changes in taxation, Macdonald opened the floor for questions.  No matter what he was asked by E.B.S. members, he evaded the question.  What about the Bilderberg Conference?  “Your curiosity is justified.”  Who was there?  “Public men of the day, with responsibility.”  What were they there for?  “To hear papers on current problems. … We discussed the impact of youth on the Wetern community.”  But, as to what conclusions were drawn or what was said, the very flustered Macdonald only hemmed and hawed.

Kastuś Akula, Associate Editor of STRAIGHT TALK!, rose and questioned the good faith and humanity of the Liberal Party’s China policy and its callous disregard of the suffering of the captive nations.  Macdonald dismissed his question.  Mr. Akula’s question was constantly interrupted by the selfish, smug hipsters of the Rosedale Liberal Association, whose only concern was that their taxes wouldn’t rise.  The man beside me told his companion with a knowing look, gesturing at Mr. Akula:  “These people have all been planted at this meeting.”  The wiry, long-haired swinger in front of me. bedecked in a fruity grey and pink checked suit, squeaked:  “What is all this crap?  I don’t come to a meeting to hear a bunch of crap!”  The rudeness of these people was incredible.  Because Mr. Akula was attempting to remind them about the crimes of communism, they weren’t interested.  However, had he been a Negro wailing about alleged persecution in the U.S. South or a Jew retelling the tale of the six million, you could have heard a pin drop in the room.  Seems that our Liberal friends are selectively unprejudiced and think that anti-communists, Slavs, and other East Europeans are sub-human and not to be considered in the category of oppressed people, except at election time when they can be used for their votes.

Our City Hall expert rose to question Mr. Macdonald about the Liberal government’s funding of radical groups.  Macdonald told him, amid snickers of approval from the effete of Rosedale:  “We’re financing citizen participation.”  So what if these citizens are mostly from the ranks of the welfare cases and those professional academics and organizers who manipulate the above.

All in all, the most revealing thing about the meeting was what wasn’t said.  The answers that weren’t given and the press reports that were not printed vindicate our case.  A reporter for the GLOBE AND MAIL approached Mr. Akula before the meeting and askeed him what was going to happen.  Akula told him to wait and see.  At the end of the meeting the reporter seemed disappointed.  Why?  Well, said he, he’d expected a fight; more action.  Seems that the GLOBE is only interested in stories about the E.B.S., when they can portray us as brawlers and, thereby, discredit us.  They are not interested in our questions or ideas!  To report those might make people think.  Who says there isn’t media censorship.  An informant who called the GLOBE AND MAIL, under a phony name, was told that the GLOBE’s policy is:  1) not to give E.B.S. publicity; and 2) to attack us whenever they can.  And you say there isn’t a conspiracy?

And just who are the press in cahoots with?  An E.B.S. information officer called the press to let them know, in advance, about our presence at the meeting.  A woman official of the Rosedale Liberal Association unwittingly confided to an E.B.S. member that the press had phoned the riding association to warn them of our coming.  The riding association, in a panic, had called the police.  Three Metro plainclothes policemen were conspicuously “undercover” in the audience that night!

F. Paul Fromm

– 30 –


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