Canadian Quits Union Post; Hits Moscow On U.S. Spies

Category:  Historical Reprints
SourceThe Cincinnati Enquirer, 28 Feb 1953, Sat, Page 5

Canadian Quits Union Post;
Hits Moscow On U.S. Spies

QUEBEC, Feb. 27 QPS — The newspaper L’Action Catholique today quoted Pat Walsh, Quebec labor oragnizer, as saying he has quit the Communist Party because the party ordered Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, U.S. atom spies, saved “to protect Communist espionage.”  The Rosenbergs have been sentenced to die in the electric chair.

“Neither myself, nor my friends objected to seeking the clemency of the courts,” Walsh said in a published interview, “but orders were to save them at all costs to protect Communist espionage.”

Walsh said party officials in Moscow took the view that if the “blunderers” were executed “it would henceforth be much more difficult to keep and recruit spies.”

“That is when I understood something that had often shocked me,” Walsh said.  “That is, the interests of Moscow taking precedence over everything else, and to a point that noncommunists do not suspect.”

The Roman Catholic paper also carried Walsh’s 2500-word letter of resignation from a number of organizations which he said were Communist-inspired and Communist-run.

Walsh said Red plans for sabotage included dynamiting of hydro-electric power plants and setting of forest fires in the event of a war with Soviet Russia.  He said these orders were passed on to leaders of forest workers’ unions through a party official in the Lakehead area who got the orders during a visit to Russia some time ago.

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