Inside Labor By Victor Riesel

Category:  Historical Reprints
Source:  Shamokin News-Dispatch, 7 Apr 1953, Tue, Page 4

Inside Labor

Victor Riesel

Somehow those Royal Canadian Mounted Police do get their men — even if it’s by accident.  The redcoats learned about some of the Reds’ most fabulous conspiracies almost inadvertently.

Some years ago a Soviet Embassy code clerk in Canada watched his baby spill some milk and saw his wife simply reach for another bottle.  This she would never do in Russia, even if she had enough rubles and the time to wait on a long queue.  The Soviet spymasters are still crying over that spilt milk.  The code clerk, Igor Gouzenko, then and there decided to raise his children in a free land — and exposed the first atomic spy ring.

A few months ago, a Canadian Communist was simply appalled by Soviet sabotage orders which called for arson and dynamiting.  He quit and told the Mounties.  That ex-Communist operative, Pat Walsh, also told them that the Russians had a special project for infiltrating Alaska and the Yukon so they could quietly pave that invasion route to the United States northwest with fifth column cells.

Now, it may be coincidence, but suddenly a sharp interest has developed in some government circles about that vast area.

Within a month a flying squad of investigating Senators will fly into the sector for special hearings on Pacific and Northwest security.  They’ll be peeled off the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee, which has already sent Washington’s Senator Magnuson ahead to prepare for the probe.  Soon he’ll be followed by Senators Tobey, Capehart, Potter, Cooper, Hunt and Pastore.

They’re interested in anyone who can tie up trans-Pacific shipping.  Before they go they should take some briefing from Wisconsin’s Congressman Kirstein, who knows much about Alaska’s subversives.  The committee will also seek out racketeers and such pro-Soviet characters as Harry Bridges and the Marine, Cooks and Stewards’ Union’s chief, Hugh Bryson.  One of the first stops will be Seattle.

* * *

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