Poor Guesses Made By Insiders on Bridges’ Power In Soviet Strategy

Category:  Historical Reprints
SourceThe Cincinnati Enquirer, 29 Mar 1953, Sun, Page 53

Poor Guesses

Made By Insiders

On Bridges’ Power In Soviet Strategy

Riesel Points To Evidence Obtained in France,
Other Factors



(The start of this article appears in Riesel’s other syndicated piece, “Strong Man Harry“.)

Walsh believes that Bridges reports weekly to Comrade Fressinet on what is happening on the Alaskan-U.S.-Central American-South American waterfronts as well as Hawaii.

LaborThis long line includes many of our vital operations.  There are our defenses in Alaska.  Only last January Bridges had his fishermen’s division in conference there.  There is the obvious Hawaiian strategic area — where as far back as February 14, 1951, Bridges had his union chiefs officially demand that the United States withdraw troops from Korea.

And there is the Soviet invasion of Guatemala.  While we’re spending scores of millions of dollars on the Florida guided missile range and radar stations which can detect and cut down enemy aircraft approaching the Panama Canal, the Russians have virtually seized Guatemala and control airfields there just a few hundred miles from the Big Ditch.  Only a few days ago, President Eisenhower was informed of this in detail by Ambassador Rudolf Schienfeld, envoy to that Central American government.

And who helped give the Guatemalan Communists their first labor strength?  None other than Bridges’ friend, Comrade Andre Fressinet.  In 1950 he dispatched two Sovieteers, Maurice Carroue and Ilio Bosi, to Guatemala to set up the “popular front” which finally captured labor there.  How much more need be said?

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