The Drug Traffic: A Diabolical Soviet Offensive Against The West!

Category:  Historical Reprints.
SourceStraight Talk! The Official Bulletin of The Edmund Burke Society
Editor:  F. Paul Fromm
Associate Editors:  Kastus Akula
Writers:  E.B.S. members and friends
Directors:  The Council of the E.B.S.
Volume IV Number 3, November-December 1971

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The Drug Traffic:  A Diabolical
Soviet Offensive Against The West!

By Paul Scott, U.S. columnist
September 9, 1971.

Two recent developments in widely separated areas of the world should cause the Nixon Administration to review its estimates on the sources of illegal heroin now flooding the Free World.  The first is the eye-witness account of opium production in North Vietnam and China furnished to American and South Vietnamese intelligence officials in Saigon by a high-ranking Hanoi defector.  The second is a sworn statement furinshed [to] Federal authorities by a ‘king pin’ in the hard narco­tics traffic on the East Coast who identified Cuba as his main source of heroin.

The reports from these ‘insider sources’ raise serious ques­tions about the accuracy of recent information on illegal heroin sources the Administration has supplied to Congressional committees studying the growing drug problem in the United States and among American ser­vicemen in South Vietnam …

Most of the heroin now being seized in South Vietnam and the United States is so pure that US narcotics experts say privately that it could only be produced in the most modern plants and by highly trained personnel.  These experts claim it is highly unlikely that the pure heroin could have been produced in the mountains and jungles of Laos and Thailand or even the hidden laboratories in France as Administration estimates would indicate …

A ranking Communist Party propagandist and journalist for the Hanoi newspaper, TIEN PHONG, (Nguyen Ngoc) Mai revealed that North Vietnam is producing massive quantities of raw opium for export to mainland China and the Soviet Union where it is processed for distribution throughout the world.  Mai reported that poppy fields were so large in North Vietnam that it took one tractor an entire day to make a round trip from one end of a field to the other.  He told interrogators that the raw opium is transported to Hanoi, then flown to China to be processed into heroin and sold in Hong Kong and Japan.  The raw opium is also shipped to Haiphong and loaded on Soviet ships and transported to Russia for further processing, Mai said.  Although Hanoi publicly denies that it is growing poppies or producing opium, records of the United Nations indicate otherwise …

The other recent development that raises serious questions about the accuracy of Administration estimates of the sources of illegal heroin is the sensational report furnished [to] US prosecutors by Jose Luis Zayas, a Cuban refugee who lives in Miami.  His statement, put into federal court records in Alexandria, (Virginia), revealed that his supply of heroin came from the Castro Government through Carlos Ferret, a Cuban who recently fled the country …”

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