Trudeau is a Bilderberger

Category: Historical Reprints.
Source: Straight Talk! Published By The Edmund Burke Society.
Editor: F. Paul Fromm
Associate Editors: Kastuś Akula
Writers: E.B.S. members and friends
Directors: The Council of the E.B.S.
Volume IV Number 2, October 1971
[Ed. NSIM] The scans are so faint that I am guessing at the volume and date for this one.

The Edmund Burke Society is a movement dedicated to preserving and promoting the basic virtues of Western Christian Civilization — individual freedom; individual responsibility; a self-sacrificing love of country; and a willingness to work and pay one’s own way and not be a burden on others. These virtues have made our civilization great. Communism, socialism, and welfare-state liberalism are tearing it apart. The Edmund Burke Society stands for a regeneration of Western Civilization and firm action against all its enemies.

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Trudeau is a Bilderberger

Fuddle Duddle! (PET)

Fuddle Duddle! (PET)

Fuddle Duddle!

We have previously acquainted our readers with the Executive of the international conspiracy known as the “Bilderberg Group”.  With huge finances at their disposal, the conspirators are endeavouring to usher us into an age of global totalitarian socialism.

Should one be surprised that Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, our first man in Ottawa, is also a member of this group?  According to William Hoffman, author of DAVID:  REPORT ON A ROCKEFELLER (Lyle Stuart, $7.99),

“David’s interest in international affairs became even more evident in 1954 when he became a charter member of the multi-nation conclave that named itself the Bilderberg.  Once each year, cloaked in such secrecy that even the press is excluded, the Bilderberg meets for a long weekend so members can discuss their views on the state of the world.  Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands is the chairman of the Bilderberg, and members have included such prestigious people as Hugh Gaitskell, Jean Monnet, Harold Wilson, Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, Christian Herter, J. William Fulbright, Robert McNamara, George Ball, Henry Heinz II, Henry Ford III, William Moyers, Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, Pierre Mendes-France, Jacob Javitz, and Stavros Niarchos.”

The next time the fuddle-duddle boy comes to your town soliciting your vote, ask him what he heard at the last session of the Bilderberg conspirators.  And don’t take a shrug for an answer!

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