Walsh Says Red Visitors Vital Threat

Category:  Historical Reprints
SourceThe Montreal Gazette, October 20, 1956

Walsh Says
Red Visitors Vital Threat

Labrieville, Que., Oct. 19. –CP–  Pat Walsh, secretary of the PanCanadian anti-Communist league and onetime fellow-traveller of Communist groups, charged today that two of the seven Soviet lumber experts touring Canada pose a “vital threat” to Canada’s internal security.

In a statement issued here he named them as G. M. Orlov, Soviet lumber minister, and L. V. Roos, timber research director.

The Walsh statement said the two Soviet officials interviewed Bruce Magnuson, member of the Canadian Labor-Progressive (Communist) Party in Moscow in 1951, and that Magnuson was instructed to tell Canadian Communists to set the forests afire in the event of war with Russia.

In 1953 when Walsh announced his resignation from a number of Communist-front organizations, he said the Canadian Woodworkers’ Union, of which he was a former organizer, had received orders from Moscow to prepare to dynamite hydro-electric plants and set forest fires if Canada and Russia were at war.  He said sabotage orders had been given Magnuson “during his recent visit to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.”

Magnuson, at Port Arthur, termed the statements “all nonsense … inflammatory fabrications … attempts at character assassination as a means of political terror.”)

Walsh was the first to make the disclosure last month of an attempt by a Soviet diplomat to bribe a Canadian air station clerk.  The diplomat, second secretary of the Russian Embassy, was ejected from the country, and the clerk was dismissed.

In his statement today Walsh said Orlov worked for a while “in conspiratorial activities of the Comintern” and that Roos “is a high MVD official whose task is to ensure a continual flow of slave labor to the central timber administration of Western Siberia and the Urals.”


The Justice Department, External Affairs Department and RCMP said when questioned today they had no knowledge of the Walsh charges and would not comment immediately.

The Soviet delegation is returning a visit made to Russia earlier this year by Canadian lumber industry representatives, and will be in Ottawa shortly.  They are now on the West Coast.

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