Only Pawns in their Game

Category: Historical Reprints.
Source: Straight Talk! The Official Bulletin Of The Edmund Burke Society.
Editor: F. Paul Fromm
Associate Editor: Jeff Goodall
Writers: E.B.S. members and friends
Directors: The Council of the E.B.S.
Volume III, Number 1, September 1970

The Edmund Burke Society is a conservative organization unaffiliated with any political party. We are dedicated to the principles of individual freedom and responsibility, free enterprise, and firm ACTION against all tyrannies, especially Communism and all its manifestations in Canada and abroad.

The E.B.S. is financed mainly through small donations from generous Canadians. Straight Talk! is produced by voluntary labour.

Only Pawns in their Game

By F. Paul Fromm, B.A.

One of the cardinal principles adopted by the EDMUND BURKE SOCIETY from its very foundation was that we would co-operate with other conservative and anti-communist groups. We might feel that other groups might be too wishy-washy, too outspoken, poorly informed, or participating in dead-end causes or activities. We vowed that we would seek to co-operate with such groups in areas of common interest. We would not spend our time in fratricidal bickering and hair-splitting. The fight against our strong and common enemy is far more important than petty differences as to method or personality. It is, therefore, with deep regret that I am writing this article.

On August 20, the EDMUND BURKE SOCIETY was officially invited to participate and to provide a speaker at a rally outside the legislative buildings in Queen’s Park. The rally was organized by a small group of “Czech democrats” and the occasion was the sorrowful commemoration of the second anniversary of the Soviet re-invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Several hundred people representing a half-dozen nationalities were present. As we waited for the proceedings to begin, we noted with shock that two people, who had no ideological right to be there, were very thick and friendly with the organizers. Standing puffing serenely on his pipe was provincial N.D.P. leader, Donald MacDonald — the centre of attraction. Also hovering in the wings was Toronto’s far-left alderman, Karl Jaffary. On spotting our thirty members with their bright green, black, and white banners, one N.D.P. official muttered that that local Gestapo was here. Hurried consultations between MacDonald and the obviously flattered organizers resulted in an ultimatum — either the N.D.P. or us. The brave advocates of participatory democracy refused to share the same platform as us. The smooth-talking, slickly attired master-of-ceremonies turned out to be a law partner of Karl Jaffary; so, it came as no surprise that E.B.S. was told thanks but no thanks regarding a speaker.

Ironically, the speech that was to be made by our E.B.S. spokesman dealt with traps and pitfalls which we wished to warn the various ethnic leaders to avoid. We wanted to warn them against being taken in by selfish politicians, who will smile and sympathize with them to harvest the ethnic vote, and who will fulfill none of their promises. The N.D.P. had completely taken over the rally. The Czech leaders seemed positively mesmerized at the casual attention being paid to them by the N.D.P. politicos. In their speeches, the N.D.P. twosome allowed as how they opposed communism. They warned that freedom suffered at the hands of both the left and the right. (Dig! Dig!) Alderman Jaffary lost no time in criticizing the conservative government of Greece. (I thought we were there to talk about Czechoslovakia.) Jaffary had been involved with a far-left group and its efforts to beam radio broadcasts at Greece from an off-shore yacht.

When all the false tears were shed, the N.D.P. leaders urged that little could be done about Czechoslovakia. They bemoaned the fact that men could not live in peace — almost implying that the Czechs were somehow guilty for the Soviet invasion of their country. The purpose of their remarks was obvious — to steer young ethnics away from an active involvement in anti-communism by portraying the liberation of their homelands as a hopeless cause, and to placate the ethnic old-folks with sympathetic words about their country’s fate.

Alderman Jaffary claimed that when he heard the news that the U.S.S.R. had invaded Czechoslovakia, he went down to the Canada-U.S.S.R. Association and painted black SWASTIKAS ( ? ) on their property. Jaffary doesn’t seem to realize that the leader of the Canadian Nazi Party drew a six-month sentence for a similar escapade against a synagogue. However, if you are waiting to see what sort of punishment the courts will mete out to Jaffary for his self-confessed act of vandalism, you haven’t yet learned that there is one law for . . . and another law for . . . .

Unsuccessful mayoralty candidate, Margaret Campbell, gave a mercifully short speech which consisted of a list of the various ethnic groups that she sympathized with. She ended with a yawn after six [minutes] and showed her deep concern for the importance of the commemoration by leaving the park immediately.

The N.D.P. is the party that opposes just about every anti-communist government in the world. It opposes our NATO role. It opposes the Allied war against communism in South-East Asia. It has been a constant supporter of the U.S. draft-dodgers and as recently as May 9, showed their continuing support for the Red rabble in the streets by contributing $2,000.00 to the bail fund of the leftists arrested. The money ended up in the hands of the violent May 4 Movement and much of it was used to pay off previous printing expenses. The question remains, why were the N.D.P. invited in the first place?  They can no more call themselves anti-communists than the Black Panthers can pretend that they are soft, furry kitty-cats.

The leadership of this small faction of “Czech democrats” has fallen under the influence of the N.D.P., which is seeking ways to co-opt the ethnic vote in the big urban areas. The E.B.S. en masse, before the T.V. cameras, turned its collective back on the N.D.P. speakers.

One of our associates, speaking on the invitation of the organizers for the Latvian community, repudiated the sell-out politics of the liberals and the N.D.P.  In the months to come, we will be carrying to our various ethnic friends the message — beware of the politicians. Watch their record before you listen to their words. Only in this way can the ethnic anti-communists use their numerical strength to wring meaningful action from the politicians. The approach of the Czech democrats will only make anti-communists pawns in the game of their avowed enemies.

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