Propaganda – The Concealed Weapon of the Cold War

Propaganda – The Concealed Weapon of the Cold War

Category: Historical Reprints.
Source: Straight Talk! The Official Bulletin Of The Edmund Burke Society.
Editor: F. Paul Fromm
Associate Editor: Jeff Goodall
Volume II Number 6, March 1970

What is The Edmund Burke Society? The E.B.S. is a conservative organization unaffiliated with any political party. We are dedicated to the principles of individual freedom and responsibility, free enterprise, and firm ACTION against all tyrannies, especially Communism and all its manifestations in Canada and abroad. The E.B.S. is financed mainly through small donations from generous Canadians. Straight Talk! is produced by voluntary labour.

Propaganda – The Concealed Weapon
of the Cold War

In its December 13th, 1939 issue, the London Times had this to say:

“People and newspapers regard German propaganda with amused astonishment. Since so many of its statements are without effect, they regard it as wasted effort.”

In a few short months, the flower of British young manhood was being sacrificed to this naive, myopic egotism by being shot out of the sky in the Battle of Britain. Was Britain warned? Of course it was! A.L. Mackenzie wrote thusly in 1938, in ‘Propaganda Boom’:

“Propaganda is at work, unchecked among the most impressionable subjects, moulding young minds until they are simply incapable of grasping unorthodox ideas. In this stranglehold lies the Nazis’ greatest insurance against a successful revolt.”

Here he is referring to Germany; but he carries the subject further into the world context when he says:

“Propaganda is an attempt, either consciously or as part of a systematic campaign, by an individual or group holding certain beliefs or desiring certain ends, to influence others to adopt identical attitudes.”

Then, again:

“The rise of the great dictatorships has meant that their subjects by the hundred million have forfeited the right to think for themselves. The men in power keep the dominant group small and loyal by periodic purges.”

That is the history of Communism. And yet, in looking back down the long dismal aisles of time since the last great war, we find that people only believe what they want to believe, or what is fed to them with subtlety. In those seemingly far-off days before the second Great War, it was Communist propaganda which was working overtime during the smoke screen of the Nazi menace. People who would not think of being identified with the Communist party were definitely influenced by such bodies as International Peace Council, the National Peace Council, the Peace Pledge Union, the British Anti-war Movement, the Union of Democratic Control, the League Against Imperialism, and such like organisations, which were Communist fronts. Dimitrov in 1935 advised members of the Young Communist International that it was their duty to find ways, forms and methods of work which will help to create a new type of mass organisation of youth in capitalist countries, organisations which, without imitating the Communist Party, will concern themselves with all the interests of toiling youth and train them in the spirit of class struggle.

Pre-1939, Red propaganda was elementary compared to today’s: consisting in either psychologically-planned infiltration, or in literary or geographical coverage. Twenty years ago, it was definitely anti-Capitalist and notoriously anti-religious. Today, while it is absolutely the same in its goal, it has changed its tactics. It has successfully infiltrated and influenced capitalists like Cyrus Eaton and many others, and won the unswerving allegiance of ministers of all faiths; College professors, teachers at all education levels; and the shallow-pated peace-niks who pollute our land.

Mr. Average just won’t accept that Communism has not changed. To him, it is not the one-time menace. He says it has softened, that we rightists are witch-hunting, looking for Commies behind every bush. Yes, and there is often a snarl when he says it, too. He simply won’t listen to those who have suffered under its subhuman cruelties. Those who died trying to escape from this Utopia, are too far beyond the horizon of his thinking. It’s too disturbing to his interests. The funnies, sport and dollars are his consuming interests. His TV is the be-all and end-all of his mental existence.

Sounds like exaggeration, does it? Well, just watch your fellow-passengers on the morning or evening bus. Take note of what they are reading. Just what we said: the comics, sport and finance. If you see someone reading the international news, you can almost bet it’s one of those fellows we call ‘foreigners’, (we apologize for the term). And so, the Communists have correctly assessed our peanut-minded world, feeding it sugar-coated pills.

And yet the battle is not lost. We have men and women who are willing to spend and be spent. For instance, we have, on the home front, the Edmund Burke Society, the Canadian Intelligence Service, the Canadian Loyalist Movement, and the Friends of Rhodesia Association. These have been brought into being by men and women of vision who dared to blaze a trail as heralds of freedom. Theirs has been the limit of dedication. Their reward has too often been vilification by those who labelled them ‘extremists’; but forthright and sacrificial missionary enterprise by all these groups is beginning to make an impact on apathetic thinking. Their combined efforts, however, good as they are, in no way match the volume of Communist propaganda barraging the entire world at this moment.

Ian Greig in his matchless work published in 1968, THE ASSAULT ON THE WEST, is a must for anybody really wishing to assess the present world situation. He quotes a French authority as saying that in 1960 the Communist bloc was spending the equivalent of 170 million pounds sterling per annum on propaganda directed at non-Communist countries. An American Government Sub-Committee has estimated that propaganda of the U.S.S.R. alone is approximately one hundred times greater than the rest of the world put together. To further quote Ian Greig:

“The mammoth campaign to propagate the gospel of Communism is carried on by the dissemination on an unsurpassed scale of printed material, an ever-increasing use of radio broadcasting and an energetic cultural offensive involving the adroit use of films, cultural missions, exchanges and exhibitions. An additional facet of the campaign is the selective use of economic aid and the provision of educational facilities for students from the developing countries.”

The direct barrage alone employs about 350,000 people. That was some years ago. It has grown tremendously since then. In addition to this, over 90 foreign-language periodicals are published in the U.S.S.R. and China for the non-Communist world. Yet over 40,000,000 books are exported annually in foreign languages by Soviet Russia. Cuba is in the game now, annually exporting to the United States thousands of packages of magazines.

The above is merely scratching the surface of the situation that faces us today.

What is happening is that Canada has developed a false criterion of the Cold War. It is this false criterion on the part of our Federal government which could lead to our ultimate defeat by our enemy, Communism. The powers-that-be are burying their heads in the sand rather than face up to obvious but unpleasant facts. The Communists have declared war against what is left of the free world. They are constantly extending their bases. Asia is practically theirs. They have most of Europe, by treaty and otherwise. North America is brainwashed, and South America is toppling. Cuba is theirs.

The challenge is great, but character grows with the challenge in life. Please God, we shall face up to the challenge before it is too late.

— Herbert Dawes

– 30 –

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