U.S. Press in USSR Tricked Into False Impressions, 1970 Soviet Defector Says

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SourceThe Deseret News, June 17th, 1986

U.S. Press in USSR Tricked
Into False Impressions,
1970 Soviet Defector Says

By David Moneypenny
Deseret News staff writer

Dressed as an American hippie, Tomas Schuman defected to the West in 1970 after serving the Soviet govern­ment as a dis­in­for­ma­tion specialist for the KGB-controlled Novosti Press Agency.  He brought with him a mes­sage:  Don’t believe everything you read about the Soviet Union in the American press.

Schuman, born under the name Yuri Bezmenov in Moscow in 1939, said in an interview with The Deseret News his job in the Soviet Union was to manipulate the American press and to give it a false impression of his country.

Schuman spoke at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City Saturday.

“The methods we use are very primitive, nothing new.  In the United States we call it public relations.  We give them good rooms, good booze and pretty translators,” Schuman said.

“We try to isolate foreign correspondents from the people for at least two months, then we let them talk to preselected people.”

Schuman said journalists are isolated from Soviet society and all interviews are prearranged.

“The correspondent from the New York Times does not notice the difference between the Soviet system and the American system because he never gets near the Soviet system,” he said.

While many of the reporters who go to the Soviet Union are tricked into sending a false impression back to the United States, Schuman said, Americans are skeptical about the reports.

“The trouble is with the big media, not the American people.  The truck driver and the farmer don’t trust the Soviets as much as the media do.  They know the American system is working better than the Soviet system, because they are a part of it.”

Being skeptical is the best way to deal with any information com­ing from the Soviet Union, Schuman said.

Schuman also said American investors in the Soviet Union are con­tributing to the military buildup in that country.  He said American companies help the Soviets to develop new military technologies.

“America is the only country in the history of mankind that feeds and pays its enemy,” he said.  “Every dollar of profit they (the Soviets) make from American investors is used to kill American soldiers in places such as Lebanon.”

Schuman supports the Reagan administration’s strong stance with the Soviet Union and said the Soviets respect it.

“They respect force — it’s the only language they understand.”

Schuman favors an even more aggressive approach.

“The United States has the moral right to invade Nicaragua, Cuba and Granada.  The Soviet Union does not have the right, not moral or economic.”

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* Admin:  Unknown to Mr. Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov), the Reagan administration was working hand-in-glove with the USSR and Red China, signing joint education agreements (this per American whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt, who has the documents to prove it in her database at AmericanDeception.com).

Also unknown to Mr. Schuman, Reagan was a protege of David Rockefeller, and a “Red Star over Hollywood”. Reagan’s name appeared on the letterhead of the World Federalists for many years (This per Gary Richard Arnold who calls Reagan “Red Ronny”).

Reagan was a Red globalist in disguise who put his Hollywood talent for acting to use in the White House for David Rockefeller.  In 1979, Reagan helped Rockefeller launch the Leninist regional union in North America by calling for a free flow of goods, people and money across the borders of North America.  He then re­spon­ded to an “invitation” from the Reds embedded in Canada to advance the continental merger under the guise of Canada-USA free trade, and on to NAFTA.

– 30 –


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