Canadian Aided Castro

The New York Times


Friday, July 10,2015
Sunday, March 15,2009

Article Preview

CANADIAN AIDED CASTRO; Son of Gen. McNaughton Tells of Role as Double Agent

January 6, 1959, Tuesday

Page 14
135 words

MONTREAL, Jan. 5 (AP) — A. R. L. (Andy) MoNaughton, Montreal consulting engineer, let it be known today that he had served as an international agent for the Cuban rebel leader Fidel Castro. [END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH]


Ed. NSIM. There is an interesting footnote to this New York Times preview in a different publication. The googlebook for “Our place in the sun: Canada and Cuba in the Castro Era By Robert Anthony Wright”, on page 117, at footnote 17 says:

“Wright, Three Nights in Havana, 23,24. For an account of Castro’s U.S. tours, see Gosse, Where the Boys Are. Fidel’s celebrated tours of the U.S. northeast before and just after the Revolution enabled him to raise money and connect with political supporters. It does not appear that any organized Cuban solidarity constituency developed in this period in Canada, with the important exception of Andy McNaughton, who ran guns to the revolutionaries and became an honorary Cuban citizen. For more on McNaughton, see Wright, Three Nights in Havana, 31. On running guns and the Revolution, see Julia E. Sweig, Inside the Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro and the Urban Underground (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2002).”

Nota bene: Julia Sweig receives favorable reviews from none other than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and its Foreign Affairs magazine.

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