Modernism Wrecking Many Christian Churches

Category: Historical Reprints.
Source: Straight Talk! The Official Bulletin Of The Edmund Burke Society.
Editor: Attila Marschalko
Associate Editor: Emilio De Bono
Volume 5, Number 3, January 1973

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Modernism Wrecking Many
Christian Churches

By Dr. E. R. Fields

Churches Losing Membership

A number of the largest Christian denominations have recently announced sharp declines in membership and financial support. The Associated Press surveyed 9 of the nation’s largest Protestant churches and found they have lost a total of 226,750 members during 1972. They also reported contributions fell by $47 million.

Two of the biggest Protestant magazines have been severely hit with losses in revenue. They are “Presbyterian Life” and “United Church Herald”. In order to stay in business they have merged into one magazine entitled “A.D. 1972”.

The Catholic Church has likewise been hit with declining support. Two Catholic sociologists were assigned to discover the extent to which the world’s largest religious denomination is suffering from the same problem. They found that 71% of Catholics attended Mass regularly in 1963, but today only 55% do so. More important, 76% of Catholics aged 20 to 29 would be at mass several times a month. Today only 46% of this age group attend. This represents a serious drop among those who would keep the Church going in the future.

The Catholic publication, “Clergy Report” covering 343 of 410 parished in ten New York counties, showed a dip in attendances at Mass of over 200,000 people.

The Catholic Church is facing a desperate shortage of priests. Ireland has long been the source of priests who were sent to English speaking countries. Now there are not enough to fill the vacancies in Ireland itself. Deaths and retirements are exceeding the number of new entrants by 200 each year since 1965. The recent number of priests ordained to serve in England fell from 39 to 26 from the preceding year. Spain has given the Catholic Church its largest source of priests [who] serve in the Spanish speaking countries of South America. There is now a great shortage of men entering all seminaries thus creating a severe problem of world-wide effect for the Catholic Church.

What Is The Reason?

Most of the large Christian denominations have forsaken Bible study and fundamental beliefs in Jesus Christ. Many have radically altered their church service and adopted “modernist” stands that show more interest in sociology (including race-mixing and U.N. one-worldism) than in Christianity.

It is this writer’s view that many big, liberal churches have lost touch with the religious needs and interests of their own members. That is why their members are quitting in droves. They are not leaving Christianity, but are quitting organized religion. Ask the average man in the street if he is a Christian and he will respond affirmatively, but we find most also say they are not affiliated with any particular religious body.

It has been said that one can find more atheists in the pulpits than in any other segment of society. This may be true because far-out leftists have taken control of many seminaries and have brainwashed thousands of ordained ministers with a pro-communist and atheistic outlook. This is why they shy away from preaching from the Holy Bible and instead give sermonds supporting race mixing, uplifting minorities and shaming Whites for being guilty of the “sin of being White”. They are in large measure responsible for instilling the guilt complex phobia of “White self-hate” which is manifested in so many White people.

Proof of this conclusion is the fact that many of the smaller fundamentalist “back to the Bible” type churches have recently enjoyed big gains in membership. This is what the people are seeking and the only question is whether or not the big churches will awaken to this truth before they simply go out of business.

One response to “Modernism Wrecking Many Christian Churches

  1. This article is freeking me out. It is exactly what is happening in the USA right now with the left-wing revolution in the streets!


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