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ALAN STANG was a noted American anti-Communist and conservative Christian writer, author and radio host.  This longstanding champion for conservativism and outspoken opponent of communism in the U.S., died on July 19th, 2009 in his home state of Texas at the age of 80.

Alan Stang was born and raised in New York City, where he was once a New York City cab driver and a ballroom dance instructor.  He graduated from City College of New York and Columbia University.  According to Alan Stang’s son, Jay Stang, Alan Stang was born and raised as an Orthodox Jew; however, no details are available on his conversion to Christianity.

Stang began his professional career in communications as an editor for Prentice-Hall before moving on to radio at NBC in New York City.  The award-winning journalist also worked as one of Mike Wallace’s first writers before Wallace became a fixture of “60 Minutes” and went toe-to-toe in the ratings against Larry King, when the two hosted competing radio shows in Los Angeles.

A young Alan Stang in the 1980s

A young Alan Stang
in the 1980s

A young Alan Stang
in the 1980s

Branching out into radio in the late 1970s, Alan’s “The Alan Stang Report” brought five minutes of hard-hitting information and commentary to radio stations across the land.  Stang boasted that despite broadcasting on a station of significantly less power, his program drew twice as many listeners as King’s.  “He never pulled his punches,” said John Birch Society President John McManus, “and the radio shows made him even more popular when he was on the speech circuit.”  Stang later left the Birch Society organization to become a free-lance writer and speaker.

Most recently, Stang hosted “The Sting of Stang” show on the Republic Broadcasting Network.

“My dad spent his whole life fighting for this country,” Stang’s son Jay told WND.  “He saw something to fight for, just like every one of us.  He never gave up, even when he had to fight for his own life instead.  His treasure was truly in heaven.  He loved Jesus Christ with all his heart, and he loved his family.  He was able to hold his first two grandchildren in his arms and look them in the eye.  He is happy now and has no more pain or sorrow.  He is with his savior.”

According to the competing biography of Stang in the July 21st, 2009 New American magazine (successor to the original American Opinion for which Stang wrote “CANADA How The Communists Took Control”), Stang “is best remembered for his many articles in American Opinion magazine, the predecessor of The New American.”

Says the New American,

“Stang frequently travelled America as a speaker for the American Opinion Speakers Bureau.  His revelations about revolutionaries in New Mexico stopped their plans to take over the state and convert it into a Marxist territory.  He also wrote many articles about numerous unconstitutional federal agencies.”

Over his long career, Stang also served as a foreign correspondent and wrote hundreds of feature articles for national and online magazines.  A regular contributor to NewsWithViews.com, Stang also authored 17 books, for which he won several awards, including a citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for journalistic excellence.

Western Islands published his acclaimed first novel in 1974, “The Highest Virtue”.  Among his other popular books are “It’s Very Simple:  The True Story of Civil Rights (1965)”, “The Actor:  The True Story of John Foster Dulles (1968)” and “Scumbags I Have Known,” which features Mike Wallace on the cover.

The family reports that Stang passed away from a fast-moving form of cancer.

Stang himself wrote a fitting eulogy summarizing both his political and worldview battles, as well as his hope for the future in a column titled “Why We Shall Win: How I Know”.  Stang writes: 

“God erupts at the most unlikely times in the most unlikely places.  Scripture tells of many times he temporarily suspended his own rules, the laws of physics.  I believe that however bad it gets, he will do so again.”

Stang continues:

“But always, despite the horror satanic men have made of things, the Spirit hovers, waiting, watching; God, total power, serene, inexhaustible, overwhelming power, preparing to confound them for his pleasure.  Rejoice!  He rises!”

According to son Jay, Stang leaves a widow, Gail, whom he first met at a John Birch Society summer camp.

Note:  This biography of Alan Stang is based on an article in The New American and another at WorldNetDaily.

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A special note of thanks to the person called “CGNNightmare” who was brilliant enough to post a scan of the Stang article on the Internet, or it might still be unknown.


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It is now also dedicated to all the other important anti-Communist writers who have exposed the Communist threat to Canada.  Which is not to say that all those who claim to be anticommunist are what they say they are.  Concentrated reading the past five years has produced evidence that some of these anticommunists are controlled opposition.  The Edmund Burke Society (EBS) for one was set up as an RCMP police and national security front under prime minister Lester Bowles Pearson, who happens to have been a Soviet agent.  The EBS materials nonetheless remain an important source of research, with tons of references that can easily be looked up and checked.

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