Extracts from “Civil Rights” (1964)

It’s Very Simple:  The True Story
Of Civil Rights

By Alan Stang

Chapter Two:  The War Of National Liberation



Many Americans –and most Canadians –have wondered about the strange events now going on in Canada.  A man has been killed, another seriously injured, and property destroyed, ostensibly as part of a campaign for the “national independence” of Quebec.  Now of course, the idea that the good people of Quebec have developed the notion that they are some sort of nation, and that what they need is national independence, is about equivalent to a demand for secession from New York City by the people of Greenwich Village, and could be appreciated seriously only by the Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan, if those talented gentlemen were happily still in operation.  The New York Times  apparently takes the view that the whole thing is a bit mystifying, but is probably the work of a band of unruly collegians who like nothing better than placing bombs in mailboxes.

What is it actually all about?  Let us turn to a man who knows, the late Leslie Morris, former head of the Canadian Communist party:

. . . there is a merging of a democratic anti-capitalist , anti-monopoly struggle with a national revolution  in French Canada, spearheaded by a demand for self-determination  up to and including secession from the present federal union with English-speaking Canada. (39) (italics added by Stang)

And how did all this happen to come about?

. . . The impact of the national-liberation movements throughout the world, and particularly events in Cuba and the Negro liberation movement in the United States, have affected French Canadian public opinion. (40)

André Malraux also affected French Canadian public opinion:

The French Minister of Cultural Affairs, Andre Malraux, stunned this French Canadian city [Montreal] today with his allusion to Quebec’s nationalist movement. Raising his trembling voice, he proclaimed: “France needs you! We will build the next civilization together.”

. . . What surprised leaders of both the French-speaking and English-speaking communities of Montreal was the appeal to nationalist and separatist emotions contained in Mr. Malraux’s speech, and the address by Mayor Drapeau, which was similar in tone. (41)

André Malraux is a member of the government of Charles de Gaulle, who as you will recall succeeded in separating a province of France — Algeria — from the rest of France, and giving it to the Communists.

And how do we know that the events in Canada as well are the work of the Communists?

The rise of the democratic and national French Canadian revolution in an imperialist state such as Canada constitutes an amazing verification of the truth of Marxism-Leninism that in the time of imperialism national movements inevitably take on an anti-imperialist character and are a constituent part of the road of socialism.(42) (Italics added by Stang)

This however, leaves one important matter unsettled.  All that this proves is that the Communists want to capture “French Canadian Revolution,” yet inevitably the Communists want to capture all such revolutions.  Where is proof that in Canada they are succeeding?

Let us turn to the New York Times:

The police arrested today eight men suspected of being members of the Quebec Liberation Front.  The terrorist organization that has been blamed for a series of recent bombings in Quebec Province.

The Times then recorded the following sentence, “Most of the suspects were between 19 and 22 years of age, authorities said, but one was a 33-year-old Belgian reported to have been trained for revolutionary work in Cuba.” (43) (Italics added by Stang)

Let us proceed carefully and examine for meaning what we have just read in the New York Times:  A man who is not only a participant, but a leader — at least because of the disparity — of the conspiracy to blow Canadians up with bombs, has been trained to do just that in Cuba.  Cuba is, as we know, a Communist state, operated by Fidel Castro — a self proclaimed Communist.

Now, if Castro — a Communist — is doing any training, it would be moderate to conclude that he isn’t training any capitalists.  It would be reasonable to conclude that a Communist would be training more Communists.  So let’s draw a very reasonable conclusion that one of the leaders in the conspiracy to blow up Canadians — is actually a Communist.

Let’s in fact draw the exceedingly probable conclusion that this Belgian Communist trained in Cuba has been assigned to kill people in Canada by an international association of Communists — that is, by an international conspiracy.

Now it happened that this information appeared on the front page of the New York Times.  And the most moderate thing one can say about it is that it is information which should be loudly advertised to Americans in general and Canadians in particular.  It should because it is essential to their survival that Americans and Canadians be made aware of it.  It is therefore absolutely essential — and nothing more than barely adequate journalism — that this information should be investigated and developed by people trained for the job.  However, to our knowledge nothing more has even been said about it by the New York Times.

* * *

Let us draw some reasonable conclusions.  It is not the purpose of this chapter or book to make an investigation or file an indictment of the New York Times.  So let’s say here only the most moderate thing we can say, which is that a trapeze artist, an employee or a doctor who made such a series of mistakes would long since be either dead, unemployed or locked up for criminal negligence.

All we should say, in short, is that there is something very peculiar going on up at the New York Times.

But what we want to underline now is only what we have proved so far:

  1. We have proved — by quoting their own words — what the Communists mean to do.

  2. We have proved — by using quotations from the pages of the New York Times — that they are doing what they mean to do, all over the world.

  3. We have proved — through the use of reason applied to quotations from the Times — that over and over again you have been fooled.



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Chapter Three:  The Communist Position on the Negro Question


“The program of the Communist Party demanded an end to the national inequalities suffered by the French Canadian people, but did not spell out the full program of national self-determination.  It required the mass upsurge of the French Canadian people to produce the realization that in French Canada there existed not only grievances against national inequalities but potentially, and now actively, a mass demand for complete self-determination.  This demand is now at the center of the Communist Party’s position.” (1)

1.  Leslie Morris, “National and Democratic Revolution in French Canada,” World Marxist Review, vol. 7, no. 9 (September 1964), p. 20.