Stang (Part 5)

How The Communists Took Control

Stang (Part 5)


La Pièce de Résistance [ 1,593 words]

On October 5, 1970, as you will recall, a cell of the Front de Liberation du Québec kidnapped senior British trade commissioner James Richard Cross from his home in Montreal. Five days later, another F.L.Q. cell kidnapped Quebec’s Minister of Labor, Pierre Laporte.

The F.L.Q. is of course a Communist terror organization, like the F.L.N. in Algeria and the Vietcong in South Vietnam. It was founded in 1963 by Georges Schoeters, then thirty-three, a Belgian trained in Cuba by Fidel Castro. A former Montreal police intelligence official tells me that Marc Carbonneau, for instance, one of the kidnappers flown to Cuba in December in exchange for Cross’s release, has been a member of the Communist Party for ten years. At last word, the kidnappers are now in Communist Algeria, which has been helping and financing the Communist F.L.Q. for years. The F.L.Q. has also been trained in Jordan, by the Communist terror gang called Al Fatah. F.L.Q. leaders have applauded the Communist Black Panthers. And Communist terrorist Stokely Carmichael once sent a telegram of sympathy to “our brothers in the F.L.Q.” His “brothers” have murdered several people in many bombings over the years. In an F.L.Q. document entitled Revolutionary Strategy And The Role Of The Avant-Garde, the revolutionaries say as follows:

“Here in Quebec the fight for the overthrow of Capitalism is inseparably linked to the fight for national independence. Neither will go anywhere without the other …. “

So the leaders of the F.L.Q. are Communists.

And Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, the Prime Minister, is a Communist.

What do Communists want?

Before dawn on October 16, 1970, Communist Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, suspended the Canadian Bill of Rights, and imposed a dictatorship on Canada. Trudeau now had the power of censorship, for instance, and could search without warrant and arrest without trial. His fellow Communists in the F.L.Q. had given him the excuse.

In 1967, as Justice Minister, Trudeau could have suppressed the Communists, when confronted with the fact that they were training in the Laurentians. He did nothing. In 1970, he could have suppressed the Communists by using laws designed for the purpose. In Canada, as in the United States, kidnapping, murder, and sedition are unlawful. Instead, he used a law which imposed dictatorship even in British Columbia, thousands of miles from the F.L.Q. problem. Canadians in general suffered more from his “solution” than they did from the problem.

Indeed, the possibility that Communist Pierre-Elliott Trudeau colluded with the Communist F.L.Q. in the matter must be seriously considered. Charles Gagnon, one of the revolutionaries now on trial, was still another frequent contributor to Trudeau’s Cité Libre. Indeed, before he entered politics, Trudeau turned Cité Libre over to Pierre Vallières, another of the F.L.Q. leaders now on trial, who also had been a frequent contributor to the magazine. In some direct or indirect way did they concoct a Canadian version of Hitler’s Reichstag fire?

You will remember that Trudeau’s defense of federalism is based not on genuine Canadian patriotism, but on his idol Mao Tse-tung’s idea of imposing Communism in a province, from which it then can spread. In June, 1970, socialized medicine came to Quebec, in the form of Provincial Bill #8. Doctors in Quebec now cannot bill their patients. They are paid directly by the Province — and as much as thirty-five percent less than they were earning before. Indeed, says D.A. Geekie, Director of Communications of the Canadian Medical Association, some doctors “haven’t been paid for two-and-a-half months.” And, incredibly, while they are now completely under Provincial control, their patients pay more — to the government. The doctors in Quebec are now “piece work civil servants”, says Geekie. Bill #8 also spoke of transferring licensing and discipline from the Medical Associations to the government. And on September third, the Castonguay Commission, headed by C. Castonguay, now Quebec Minister of Health, advocated government salaries for doctors instead of patients’ fees.

On October eighth, three days after Cross’s kidnapping and two days before Laporte’s, thousands of Quebec specialists simply stopped working. Some received threatening telephone calls. Many made plans to leave. By October thirteenth, Laporte had been kidnapped, and on that day the Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec offered to call its members back to work if the government would only agree to negotiate the matters of dispute after the F.L.Q. crisis was over. The government refused, demanding unconditional surrender. But the doctors would not yield. They continued to provide emergency service in the face of F.L.Q. threats. And on October fifteenth, the C.M.A. announced support for its Provincial affiliate.

Later that same day, Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa forced Bill #41 through the National Assembly (Provincial legislature). Bill #41 ordered the specialists back to work immediately, threatening fines of $200 to $500 per day and one-month jail sentences. The law applied to every specialist who had held a license to practise in Quebec during the previous three months – even though he might already have moved permanently to another province or country. And any syndicate or Association officer, official, or employee who denounced the Bill was to be fined $5,000 to $50,000 per day and jailed for as long as a year. In other words, the doctors were now enslaved and denied even their freedom of speech.

Early the next morning, as you will recall, Communist Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act. And two days later, under its pressure, worried about their patients under crisis and their families under threat, the specialists decided to return to work.

Could that have been the real result Communist Trudeau was trying to achieve? Did he really invoke the War Measures Act not to suppress his fellow Communists — which he hadn’t done before and hasn’t done since — but to use his idol Mao’s scheme “to plant Socialist government in certain provinces, from which the seed of radicalism can slowly spread?”

I asked Mr. Geekie whether he thought it would spread. He shrugged. His lips pursed. “I hope not,” he said.

It is interesting to note that, during the crisis, Communist Trudeau announced his government would establish full diplomatic relations with Communist China. And, as I write, Mao’s agents are setting up their Embassy in Ottawa. Like the Russian Embassy, it will be used as a center of subversion.

What Happens Now?

Canada is now on the verge of becoming a Cornmunist country; and when you read this Canada will be where Cuba was in April, 1959, soon after Castro took over. Like Castro, Tmdeau wiII continue to deny he is a Communist until he seizes total power. If the Canadian people let him do that, he will then announce, like Castro, that he has been a Communist from the beginning.

Recently, he shouted from his limousine to some unemployed Quebec workers in Ottawa to protest: “Mangez de la merde!” This advice translates into the Queen’s English as “Eat s**t!” — somewhat inappropriate phraseology from a “champion of the laboring masses.” Marie Antoinette is at least reported to have told them to eat cake. On another recent occasion, he used an obscene gesture on the floor of Parliament — at the same time mouthing the words, “F*** off!”

And the same terror that exists in Saigon can now be found in Montreal. In a restaurant, a woman cautions me to whisper as we discuss the F.L.Q. And there is the usual manufactured anti-Americanism. At the Seaway Motor Inn — a good place for Americans to avoid — we have guaranteed reservations we must pay for if we don’t show. We do show but there is no room. Our credit cards are good and then they are no good. As in Cuba, there is a Canadian version of “Cuba si, Yankee no.” An attempt is being made to reduce and eliminate American investment. “Canada for the Canadians,” the people are being told. The stage is being set for the usual nationalizations.

Indeed, the first refugees — the doctors — are already arriving in the United States from Canada. Unlike the Cubans, they can walk all the way. If Trudeau and his fellow Communists are successful, the United States will be faced not only with a Communist country ninety miles away — but also by one with whom we share a common, 4,000-mile border. Our best friend would be turned into our greatest danger. And America would be caught in the pincers the Communists have planned.

Presumably, Richard Nixon has a policy ready. When Trudeau demands Louisiana, we will only give him half.

Demagogues throughout history have used mobs on the bottom, in the streets, in the open, to justify the imposition of a dictatorship at the top. Indeed, that is the meaning of the word, demagoguery. Hitler did it, by fomenting riots and then offering a “solution.” Communists like Trudeau do it.

And the demagogic conspirators who control our government are doing it too. Like Trudeau, they are financing revolution against themselves, to justify a dictatorship as the “solution.” Indeed, just as in Canada, they are beginning to demand that our doctors be nationalized, by means of various proposals for “health care.” And on October 30,1969, the Federal Register published Richard Nixon’s Executive Order 11490, which consolidates the powers described in nineteen earlier Executive Orders issued by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson; powers which the President may use if he declares a state of “national emergency” — a term which Mr. Nixon’s Order does not define. America, in short, has its own War Measures Act. And America has its own Trudeau. Americans and Canadians must cooperate immediately to stop them.

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