6.  The International Communist Conspiracy


Melbourne Argus, June 25, 1949.

The sixth of a series published in connection with a study course conducted by
the Victorian League of Rights.

Before starting the study of the Communist conspiracy, it is essential to make brief mention of the fact that there is no funda­mental difference between the Communists and their Socialist “op­ponents”; they both seek to establish Socialism:  the centrally planned State.  Although Soviet Russia is, as Stalin has pointed out, the major base from which the Communists operate, it is not a Com­munist State.  It is a Socialist State.  In every country where Socialism has been applied the facts prove that the State becomes more oppressive and a new and all-powerful ruling class — the bureau­cracy — is created to prevent the individual from revolting against centralised control.

The Socialists make much of the fact that, unlike the Com­munists, they seek to achieve the Socialist objective by “democratic” methods, but their methods are just as conspiratorial as are those of the Communists.  The rank and file of both the Communist and Socialist movements are largely dupes who are being used to further objectives they do not understand.  The Socialists, like the Com­munists, conspire to abolish the individual’s rights and liberties.  The Labour-Socialists have been persistently conspiring to destroy the Federal Constitution ever since they were first elected to office.

Communist-Socialist Connection.

The close connection between the Socialist conspiracy and the Communist conspiracy was indicated by the famous English Fabian Socialist, George Bernard Shaw, who claimed in 1946 — at the Fabian diamond jubilee — that the Fabians “made Russia a great Fabian State …”.  After seeing Stalin in 1946, Professor Harold Laski, one of the principal instructors at the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics, said that the Socialist movement throughout the British Commonwealth was seeking the same objective that Stalin and his associates were pursuing.  In other words, Socialism and Communism are different methods for reaching the same objective.  The Communists often attack the Socialists, but they invariably make use of the Socialists to suit their own purposes.  It may be that the Communists are more skilled in the conspiratorial technique than are the Socialists!

Anyone who doubts this should go back over recent Australian history and note how the Labour-Socialists have been used by the Communists.  Take as a classic example the manner in which Mr. Dedman, as Minister for Defence and Minister in Charge of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, denied last year that two Canberra Communists, Dr. J. R. Atcherley and Mr. J. B. Pomeroy, were holding important positions in the public service.  Mr. Dedman claimed that it would be impossible for any Communist to be employed upon defence measures.  He made the astonishing ad­mission that

“the great majority of (Communists) hold positions which they could not possibly use in order to betray defence secrets.”

This statement could only mean that there were some Communists who could betray defence secrets.

Although both Dr. Atcherley and Mr. Pomeroy publicly denied that they were Communists — Atcherley had been engaged on defence-

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projects and Pomeroy was official photographer with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research — Mr. J. T. Lang, M.H.R., was able to produce documentary evidence proving that both were important members of the Communist Party.  Mr. Lang directed attention to the manner in which the Canadian Royal Commission’s “Report on Espionage and other Communist Activities,” revealed how Com­munists, many of them unknown as Communists, had infiltrated into “key” positions in important government departments.

The Corruption of Individuals.

Anyone wishing to understand the Communist technique of cor­rupting individuals to such a degree that they are prepared to work against their own country and their own traditional way of life, should study in detail the Canadian report, particularly the chapter entitled “Development of Ideological Motivation.”

For example:  “Perhaps the most startling aspect of the entire fifth column network is the uncanny success with which the Soviet agents were able to find Canadians who were willing to betray their country.”  The report proved that Communism is an international conspiracy with secret conspirators in every country, which can be successfully developed in a community without the members of that community realising what is happening.

Read this on “ideological motivation”:  “The evidence before us shows that in the great majority of cases the motivation was inex­tricably linked with courses of psychological development carried on under the guise of activities of a secret section of what is ostensibly a Canadian political movement, the Labour-Progressive Party; that these secret ‘development’ courses are very much more widespread than the espionage network itself; and that the Canadian members of the espionage network themselves took an active part in directing and furthering such courses for other Canadians which were calcu­lated to allow them to draw suitably ‘developed’ persons later into active participation, and thus expand the network itself.”

The Secret Network.

Then follows a detailed exposition of how various types of study-groups were used to bring potential recruits for the Communist con­spiracy together.  From these study-groups carefully elected indi­viduals were, after having been developed to “an appropriate moral and mental state,” initiated into the secret that the group was merely a front for Communist activities.

Most of the Canadians found guilty of espionage activities were not known publicly as Communists or Communist sympathisers.  The report adds:

“It seems to be a general policy of the Communist Party to discourage certain selected sympathisers among certain categories of the population from joining that Party openly … The categories of the population from which secret members are recruited include students, scientific workers, teachers, office and business workers, persons engaged in any type of administrative activity, and any group likely to obtain any type of government employment.”

There is little doubt that the same policy has been followed in Australia.  Large numbers of “front” organisations and groups have been established to recruit support from as many sections of the community as possible.

It is true that for a period the Australian Commonwealth De­partment of External Affairs made available a precis of the Canadian

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report, but no real effort was made to inform the Australian people of the danger of the Communist conspiracy.  Perhaps it is appropriate to recall here that the head of the department, Dr. Evatt, associate of Professor Laski, is on record as saying that as a result of having met the Russian leaders, he was convinced that they only wanted peace and security.  Like his Socialist colleagues, Dr. Evatt has never made any real attempt to expose the Communist conspirators.

An interesting feature of the Canadian disclosures was the fact that a number of those convicted of espionage were educated at or connected with the McGill University, the president of which is Dr. James, another associate of Professor Laski’s, and a product of the London School of Economics.

The Alien Influence.

Igor Gouzenko, the Russian cipher clerk, who was responsible for the Canadian espionage disclosures, said that one thing which struck him when he first arrived in Canada was how the great majority of Canadian Zionists were strongly pro-Russia, in spite of the fact that anti-Semitism was rife in Russia.

The Canadian report also drew attention to this matter: 

“The evidence before us strongly suggests that anti-semitism and the natural reaction of persons of Jewish origin to racial discrimination was one of the factors played upon by Communist recruiting agents.”

In spite of recent reports that Stalin and his puppets in the various Eastern European countries are now adopting an hostile attitude towards the Zionists, the pro-Communist attitude of far too many local Zionists is well known.  Russia played a leading role in helping to establish the Zionist state in Palestine.

The assertion by ex-Communist Cecil Sharpley that “foreign-born” manufacturers have helped the local Communists considerably with finance is interesting.  It is to be hoped that Security is effec­tively examining the activities of all refugees who have come to this country who have previously been in Russian-dominated territories.  Recent allegations that Communist sympathisers are coming in are very disturbing.

Know Your Enemy.

Although every loyal Australian can and should be on the alert to expose and oppose all Communist conspiratorial activities, irre­spective of where these activities are being carried out, the real Com­munist threat, the plan to create the complete Monopoly State, can not be averted by accepting the same policy under the label of Socialism.  Both Communism and Socialism stem from the same anti-British and anti-Christian philosophy.

Western civilisation, of which we are a part, is faced with a war to the death.  And there is only one way in which to win wars:

First, identify the enemy
and study his strategy
and tactics.

There are still far too many Australians who have no under­standing of the evil threatening them.  They must equip themselves effectively if they would do justice to the cause of freedom.  The major objective of the League of Rights study course is to train what might be termed an army of competent British and Christian soldiers who will take the offensive against all alien doctrines and conspiracies.

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