I’m Back From Moscow!

Exclusive English Translation
of the 1952 Seven-part series
in LE DEVOIR by Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Red Mole Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Red Mole Pierre Elliott Trudeau


The 1952 Moscow File:

1952:  Led a Communist Delegation organized by the Communist Party of Canada to a Moscow Economic Summit organized by V. V. Kuznetsov of Soviet Intelligence.

On returning from Moscow, Pierre wrote about the experience for LE DEVOIR, a major French-language Quebec daily paper.


PART 1:  “The Auberge of the Great U.S.S.R.

PART 2:  “First Encounters

PART 3:  “A Sympathetic People, but Conventional to the Point of Nausea

PART 4:  “The Soviet Citizen Still “Pays Through the Nose”

PART 5:  “The Conference Begins

PART 6:  “The Conference’s Conclusions

PART 7:  “They had Three Revolutions for This?