Rumilly: Infiltration – TOC

Book I – The Leftist Infiltration in French Canada

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Exclusive English Translation
By Kathleen Moore
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Nota bene : I hold the copyright to my English translation of Rumilly. My English translation of any part of the works of Robert Rumilly may not be reproduced online, in print or by any means, other than for brief passages referenced in the course of discussion or blogging.

Please take note that wherever I have translated Rumilly’s own book, its covers and frontispiece, and I say, for example, “Published by the author” and give “Lazard Street”, etc., that is my translation of Rumilly’s own first publication details, which refers to himself and his own address in 1956.

The page-numbering in my English corresponds to the original page-numbering and page-breaks in French.

Table of Contents

Mr. Rumilly’s volume, The Leftist Infiltration in French Canada contains no Table of Contents. I have therefore compiled one for convenience.

Nota bene: As of 5 January 2014, I have translated two chapters. I’ve done Chapter I, “The Catholics of the Left in France”, which gives you the background to Esprit, a pro-Soviet, crypto-communist, “ left Catholic” magazine in France which Pierre Trudeau and his colleague Gérard Pelletier and others decided to emulate in Canada by founding Cité Libre in 1950.

And I have done chapter III, “The Leftist Network”, in which Rumilly lines up the key groups, newspapers, and organizations founded or co-opted by the pro-Communist ring, which includes André Laurendeau, and a cast of others.


I – The “Catholics of the Left” in France (p. 9) READ NOW
(i) “Catholics of the Left” and Communists (p. 10)
(ii) The Review Esprit (p. 16)
(iii) The Result (p. 23)

II – Where is “Le Devoir” Heading? (p. 30)
(i) The Anti-Duplessis Phobia (p. 31)
(ii) Toward Class Struggle (p. 43)
(iii) An Exception (p. 52)
(iv) Pilgrims of Moscow (p. 54)
(v) Le Devoir and the Review Esprit (p. 62)

III – The Leftist Network (p. 75) READ NOW
(i) Cité Libre (p. 76)
(ii) The Network is Rounded Out (p. 83)
(iii) Radio-Canada (p. 88)

IV – The Network in Operation (p. 96)
(i) The Action Nationale Besieged (p. 96) READ NOW
(ii) Bagging the A.C.J.C. (p. 102)
(iii) A University Within the University (p. 106)
(iv) The Confederation of Political Workers of Canada (p. 108)

V – Where is the Leftist Movement Heading? (p. 114)
(i) Nationalists of the Left? (p. 114)
(ii) Antinationalists (p. 122)
(iii) Toward the Social-Democratic Party (p. 125)
(iv) A Popular Front in Quebec? (p. 130)

VI – Conclusion ( p. 133)
(i) Leftism Pays (p. 134)
(ii) Where is the Fear? (p. 136)
(iii) The Role of the Professors (p. 138)
(iv) The Question of Federal Aid (p. 139)
(v) A Lost Generation? (p. 143)