De Gaulle Invites Red Army into France

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Source:  “De Gaulle Invites Red Army into France”, On Target, 24 November 1967.


De Gaulle Invites Red Army into France

“On the other side of the Atlantic ….  there are those who regard de Gaulle as a long-term Kremlin favourite, increasingly playing the Communist game as events unfold.  They can trace, they believe, an association with Russia and with communism going back many years.  The French withdrawal from Algeria, and then from NATO, followed by a cordial visit to Moscow in June last year added fuel to the flames.  And the blaze will be the greater from the latest revelations, that Red Army troops are already training with French forces on French soil, as part of the Franco-Soviet military exchange programme.” — John Paul in Political Intelligence Weekly, England, November 17.

There has been comparatively little publicity about a development of the most sinister nature, not only for France, but also for the rest of the Western world.  Effective censorship by de Gaulle has been responsible for most of the lack of publicity about the revolutionary policy of having Red Army troops train in France.  There were French Generals who would never have tolerated this, but they have all been purged since de Gaulle came to power with the support of these same Generals.  The Soviet placed the greatest importance on the Red Army training in France, as witnessed by the presence of the Soviet Chief of General Staff, Marshall Zakharov, who spent ten days in France from October 8 to October 18.  Marshall Zakharov also attended a meeting of the French General Staff.

The French Chief of Staff, General Ailleret, speaks fluent Russian.

It is interesting that the airborne school visited by Marshall Zakharov and his troops had been used by France’s NATO partners in the past.  Also that the Marshall’s visit coincided with the biggest French air maneuvers held since the war, these being conducted on the basis of a French air strike in co-ordination with NATO forces meeting a Red Army thrust towards the Rhine!

No doubt Marshall Zakharov was highly impressed with what he saw and learned.

This latest development in France’s relationships with the Soviet Union provides more evidence to support the thesis of those who claim that de Gaulle is determined to bring Communism into Western Europe.  It would be instructive to learn what Mr. Harold Wilson thinks of this.

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