Lenin at the Library

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SourceStraight Talk! The Official Bulletin of The Edmund Burke Society
Editor:  F. Paul Fromm
Associate Editors: Jeff Goodall
Writers:  E.B.S. members and friends
Directors:  The Council of the E.B.S.
Volume II Number 7, April 1970

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1970, Lenin Centenary: Worst Misfortune Was His Birth

1970, Lenin Centenary: Worst Misfortune Was His Birth

Lenin at the Library

By F. Paul Fromm

The ink from the front-page coverage of our anti-Lenin demon­stration (April 3rd) had scarcely dried when we learned of a less dramatic but equally insidious commemoration of the centenary of Lenin’s birth.  The City Hall Branch of the Toronto Public Library was to hold a display of Lenin books and posters, weekdays, from April 13th to 24th.

On the 9th and 10th of April, EBS launched a massive phone-in protest campaign.  Various ethnic groups joined in.  Over two hundred and fifty calls deluged both the Library and Mr. E. H. Campbell, the head librarian.  Having first been informed of this exhibit by a source in the Canadian Communist Party, we believed that this Lenin display was to be used as propaganda.  The librarian at the City Hall Branch indicated concern.  It seems there had been other Lenin exhib­its in London and St. Catherines.  UNESCO had announced its sponsor­ship of a symposium to be held at Tempere, Finland, under the theme “Lenin and the Development of Science, Culture, and Education”, and the UN Commission on Human Rights had adopted a resolution hailing Lenin as a “prominent humanist” and celebrating his “significant, practical and theoretical” contributions “to the development and re­alization of economic, social and cultural rights.”  Stacked up against Lenin, Hitler, we suppose, would have to run a poor seccnd:  he only killed a few million people, whereas the “prominent humanist” (sic) has over fifty million victims to the credit of his barbar­ous regime.  It seems UNESCO circularized all its member libraries urging them to commemorate the “prominent humanist”, Lenin (“Our morality is completely subordinated to the class struggle”).  The Toronto Public Library responded with servile obedience (who said one world government isn’t a threat?).  The librarian at the City Hall Branch assured us that the exhibit would be strictly literary.  Every author, it was claimed, upon the centenary of his birth, was called to the public’s attention (like Edmund BurkeLeon Trotsky?  Or Niccolo Machiavelli?).  An employee of the Library said that she certainly hated Lenin and all he stood for, and then revealed that it had been suggested to them that Progress Books handle the display.  Now, Pro­gress Books just happens to be the quasi-official Communist publish­ing house in Toronto, which, among other ventures, recently published

a new book by ex-Party Leader, Tim Buck (“What is not so well under­stood, however, is that Lenin was the organizer of the whole revol­utionary movement, including the Communist Party of Canada“), which may be picked up at much reduced prices at Cole’s discount counter.  As this display was advertized in the communist CANADIAN TRIBUNE, and since the librarian mentioned that Book World (you guessed it, the Red bookstore on Gerrard St.) was supplying the posters, we knew that this display could not help but be propaganda.  The political na­iveté of the librarian was incredible.  The arrogance of her superior, Mr. Campbell, had to be heard to be believed.

On Friday, April 10th, our Press Officer, Jeff Goodall, broke the story to the press.  CHUM and CKEY reported our protest on their rad­io news that afternoon.  That evening, this reporter and Mr. Goodall blasted the TPL in an interview on CJRT-FM (99.1 on your FM dial).  Both the DAILY STAR and the GLOBE & MAIL carried the story on the following day.

We had no objection to a simple display of books.  Red propaganda, however, and blatant eyewash about Lenin being a humanitarian cannot be tolerated at the taxpayers’ expense.

We made dozens of complaints by ‘phone and in person throughout the course of the exhibit.  Our Chairman, D. C. Andrews, issued an of­ficial protest, characterizing the exhibit as “a cynical repudiation of the sacrifices made by so many Canadians who died in Korea fight­ing the Leninist military aggression against that country, a conflict which has to this day never been resolved.”  We also distributed a leaflet outside City Hall at lunchtime denouncing the exhibit.  The staff of the City Hall Branch became quite upset at the volume of protest.  They had never seen anything like it and there are strong possibilities that in the future, TPL may prove more responsive to public sentiment, and not repeat exhibits of this sort.

Leninist Chauvinism

The exhibit fulfilled our worst expectations.  In addition to the books, there was a prominent poster featuring the UN resolution hailing the “prominent humanist”, posters of Lenin in revolutionary postures, haranguing the Red rabble, or doing the “family man” thing with his wife.  Especially offensive were little red (naturally) bookmarks promoting local Red bookstores (Book World among them) and the ever-present UN eulogy of Lenin.  No wonder we say, “Stamp Out CommUNism”.)  The pressure of our protest succeeded eventually in having these pieces of commercial promotion and propaganda removed.

We propose to carry our protest to City Hall itself, with letters to our aldermen.

Fabian Infiltration

The shocking abuse of our public libraries for Leninist propagan­da is an indication of the success the Fabian infiltrators have had in our country.  Working secretly, like a worm in an apple, the Fabians constantly subvert and undermine.  They operate by deception.  Lenin, they tell the innocent, is a “humanitarian”.  (He must be respectable, see, his books are publicly honoured at the City Hall Library.)  This is the sort of insidious brainwashing to which the Canadian people are being subjected.  A startled librarian gasped, “But no one has ever complained before!”  Well, we are complaing now:!  The long sleep of complacency is over in Toronto.  From now on, the Red fronts, the concealed communists, and their helpers, are going to be exposed.  From now on, we’re going to call a spade a spade.  If the TPL is going to call Lenin a great humanitarian, then they may as well call the moon Cheddar cheese.  The doubletalk, lies, and hypocrisy are going to end.  EBS has thrown down a challenge — tell it like is, if you dare!

The Communist Party Blows A Gasket

After April 3rd, as Jeff notes in his report, the communist CANADIAN TRIBUNE attacked us as “ugly thugs”, etc.  Their vituperation on that occasion, however, was nothing compared to the fit of front-page, frothing-at-the-mouth rage they threw upon learning of our pro­test of the City Hall library exhibit.  They are really uptight, you see, that their efforts to make communism “respectable” by means of quiet, underhanded propaganda, are being unmasked.  The front page of the April 15th issue of the CANADIAN TRIBUNE features a piece under the byline of William Beeching, entitled, “NEO-NAZIS CODDLED BY EST­ABLISHMENT” in which we, of course, are cast in the role of the “neo-nazis”.  According to Beeching, we are also surrounded by “fascist elements”; it is really too boring for words.  Beeching reads like a spoiled brat who, upen not getting his own way, jumps up and down furiously screaming the filthiest epithets he can think of — “dirty pig! ,dirty pig!”, or, in Beeching’s case, “neo-nazis!  fascists!”.

We Worry The Leninists

“As was to be expected”, complains Beeching, “the ultra-Right typically reacted viciously and violently.”  Violently?  Are ‘phone calls and leaflets “violence”?  The cutthroats who stab unarmed op­ponents are in an awkward posture to lecture us cn “violence”!  Beech­ing goes on:  “Now the phone calls and the press release.  What next?  What does the Edmund Burke Society plan now?  Who is next on the list?”  A great many people, Mr. Beeching!  “We have only begun to fight, only begun.to jar this community out of its slothful indifference!  Again speaking of EBS, Beeching goes on to say, “Their aim is clear:  des­troy friendship between Canada and the socialist countries and stoke the fires for a world war … Progressives must ask what links the Ed­mund Burke Society has in the United States … in the political arena … among the civil service.”  Beeching laments the failure of the pub­lic authorities to suppress us:  “Silence of this kind is actual endorsation of the actions of these fascist elaments … Who is pushing the buttons?”  This latter question we will answer gladly:  thousands of working Canadians of average means, who are sick of the erosion of our freedoms, of the high taxes, and the gradual subversion of Wes­tern civilization by Mr. Beeching and his ilk, and their Marxist mas­ters who enslave over a billion of our fellow human beings in the penal states of the Socialist Camp, that’s who!

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