Response of Pat Walsh to Gérard Fortin and Tim Buck

Category:  Historical Reprints
SourceL’Action Catholique, front page, headline
46th year — No. 14,089
Friday, 27 February 1953

What is L’Action Catholique?

L’Action Catholique (1915-1962), was for a long time the favorite rural daily newspaper, with its articles touching on all the subjects of everyday life.  Known as L’Action Sociale from 1907 to 1915, it subsequently appears as L’Action (1962-1971), then as L’Action Québec from 1971 to 1973.  The pages of this popular daily newspaper distributed in the greater Quebec City area — was a competitor of Le Soleil [The Sun] of the era — burst with information on the concerns of its contemporaries.”

The source of the foregoing description is the Quebec Library and Archives at its on-line collection “L’Action Catholique (1915-1962) en ligne”.


Réponse de Pat Walsh
à Gérard Fortin et Tim Buck

Par Louis-Philippe Roy

English translation by Kathleen Moore


Further below are the texts of two declarations of Mr. Pat Walsh, former member of various Communist organizations whose revelations last Friday caused more or less a sensation across the country.  In these texts, Mr. Walsh replies to Gérard Fortin, president of local 4 of the Lumbermen’s Union.

Reply to Tim Buck

Tim Buck, the “apparent” leader of the Communist Party in Canada, declared in Toronto that I was a member of the Irish Republican Army.  Those who know a bit of the history of Ireland know that the civil war in Ireland ended in 1922 with the establishment of the Irish Free State.  Now, I was born in 1916 in the City of Québec, which is to say (according to the logic of Mr. Buck) that I went to fight for the IRA before attaining the age of six … what a precocious soldier all the same.  I declare that I have never been a part of the Irish Republican Army, and if Buck was thick enough to believe me when I gave him this pretext for not taking out a Communist party card, so much the worse for him, because I prophecy that at this very moment certain “comrades” from the Soviet Embassy are preparing to “purge” Tim Buck for being so easy to roll.  And moreover, if I had been a part, from near or from far, of the Irish Republican Army, made illegal in the whole British Empire, the RCMP would have arrested me in 1939 and I would have been interned.

When Tim Buck speaks of “invention” with regard to my accusations, he quite simply repeats an old cliché of our Reds.  When Fred Rose and Sam Carr were caught in the act for espionage in 1946, Tim Buck was the first to accuse the federal government of having “invented” the accusations of espionage against these spies for the Kremlin, however, their trials clearly proved that the Roses and the Carrs were really spies.  Let Buck not lose patience, I will provide details soon.

Reply to Gérard Fortin

Before long, I will have occasion to prove who has betrayed the Lumbermen, Gérard Fortin or the under-signed.  I am astounded to hear Gérard Fortin speak of “trahison” (betrayal) … he who followed three specialized courses this past summer in sabotage and espionage in the secret schools of the Communist Party, at Bracebridge in Ontario, he who bragged about war materiel destined for the National Chinese troops when he was Communist organiser (to say no more) on the ships, in the Pacific, in 1946.

I affirm that Fortin betrayed not only the Lumbermen, but also the Canadian seamen and the workers of Diva Shoe in Richmond in 1950 … by using the working class to better camouflage his Communist work and his treason to his country, moreover in using money from the membership fees of the Lumbermen to pay for Communist propaganda, to cover the costs of weekly trips to Montreal to attend meetings of the provincial committee of the Communist Party (POP) and for other Communist propaganda uses, he is guilty of embezzlement of funds, because the honest Lumbermen who paid their dues with the money they so strenuously earned, will now know that thousands of dollars of UB and UTCTB funds were used for the purposes of the Communist Party.  it will cost Fortin nothing to wait, and we will see at the end who has betrayed the working class — he who took orders from Moscow and swore only by Stalin, or he who risked his life to better unmask Red activities.

– 30 –


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