Tells Visiting Cubans That She Loves Them

Source: Globe and Mail Tuesday April 28 1959, p. 12.

Tells Visiting Cubans
That She Loves Them

Three of Fidel Castro’s Cuban rebels, minus beards and dressed in business suits, made a courtesy call at City Hall yesterday and signed the official guest book.

They were greeted by Acting Mayor Newman in Spanish and English. Her Spanish was limited to Yo te amo mucho: “I love you very much.”

Mrs. Newman agreed it was hardly the phrase to apply to visiting dignitaries, but said the only reason she remembered it was that she had said it to her husband prior to their marriage.

The rebels nodded and smiled.

Mrs. Newman visited Cuba in 1929. She had taken a course in Spanish, but had had no opportunity to practice the language.

The guests, Julian Rodriguez, Miguel Moutero and Rzue Vigoa, all students of the University of Havana, said they had participated in street fighting during the revolution.

They are members of a party of six assigned by the Cuban Government to visit Massey-Ferguson and International Harvester plants in Ontario.

Mrs. Newman gave each of the Cubans a Toronto Municipal Handbook.


Transcribed far research purposes by Kathleen Moore on 27 March 2009 2h34 a.m. from a photocopy of the article provided by Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa in a brown envelope postmarked 2008-03-31.

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