Get Involved

Category:  Historical reprints
Source:  The Telegraph, To the Editor
Date:  June 7, 1984


Get Involved

To the Editor:

It is incredible how much infor­mation is withheld from the American people, especially stu­dents.  Few have any idea how horrible life is under commu­nism.  In 1973, the Senate put out a three-part result of the testimo­ny of Avrham Shifrin, a Russian dissident Jew who spent over 10 years in slave labor camps.  He is now on a speaking tour for the John Birch Society.  Some months ago, I went down to the People’s Republic of Massachu­setts to listen to him.

He showed films of the slave labor camps in Russia, Poland, etc.  He was extremely critical of American businessmen who do business with the slavemasters.  He called Kissinger a traitor.  I purchased several copies of his book, “The First Guidebook to Prisons and Concentration Camps of the Soviet Union.”  There are about 2,400 of these camps in the USSR.  On March 17, I sent a copy of the book with a review to Dr. Masse asking him to purchase copies for our Junior high and high school libraries and to try to get it used in the Russian study program at the high school.

About a month ago, my wife and 1 went to listen to Tomas Schuman, a former KGB officer.  He trained people who were brought to Russia on how to go back and “liberate” their own countries.  He passed out a sheet detailing the steps the Reds used to demoralize and move a coun­try from an open society to a closed society.  I was pretty famil­iar with the brainwashing tech­niques, but he explained it in great detail.  He explained how they operate in churches, unions, schools, etc., and once they start, in 15 to 20 years, they can seize control without firing a shot.  They have had plenty of prac­tice.  He estimated that we still have from 3 to 5 years left.  One book he recommended was “The KGB” by John Barron.  Colncidentally, there was a lengthy review In the May 1964 issue of the American Legion on the book titled “KGB Today; The Hidden Hand.” published by Readers Digest.  It reveals how the KGB is running loose in our country stealing us blind of tech­nology with the full cooperation of the State Department.  I note that Kissinger is working for Reagan, so it is understandable.  What they don’t steal, we sell to them, on credit.  Now we are mak­ing their ally, communist China, into a world power.  It is too bad this information doesn’t get into the hands of students at colleges such as St. A’s and Rivier and high schools such as Nashua High.

Instead of worrying about the atom bomb, people better start worrying about the schools.  Get involved, not enslaved.

Alan C. Thomaler
1 Joffre St.

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